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Hi guy, recently i have build a single site and it gets on page 1 of google result page. But this morning when I checked it again my site totally gone, not event in the first 10 page of google (but it still can be search with
I heard that is because of Google dance, but how long does it take? And will the page rank remain the same?

P.s: Sorry for my English.

In search engine optimization (SEO), Google Dance is an out-dated slang term used to describe the period of time in which Google used to rebuild its rankings, and as a result of this rebuilding, rankings of Web sites on Google’s SERP may fluctuate in order during a several day period.


My first thought would be to wonder what you did to rank so highly in the first place. If you followed some of the bad advice which abounds on the Internet, you may have got a short-term gain, but once Google realises you are trying to manipulate the system, your site will drop very rapidly. (I’m not saying this is what happened - just offering a possible explanation.)

I would suggest you start with Google’s “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide” and make sure you’ve followed all their recommendations. Also check out Google’s guidelines, to make sure you haven’t done anything which could have caused your site to be penalised.

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It’s common for rankings to fluctuate, especially when a site/page is brand new. It’s impossible to predict where it will end up in the long term.

To ensure your site has the best potential to rank, make sure that your site:

  • Has better and more complete content than your competitors
  • Is technically optimized for speed and mobile friendliness (more important than ever)
  • Is user-friendly, is easy to navigate, has a clear purpose
  • Has strong incoming links from relevant sources

You can check out this article I wrote titled “How does Google work?” if you want to know what Google looks for in a page - and why.

Google keeps new websites in “sandbox” and analyze for user activities because Google try to check it out our motive that why we build website. If Google finds that everything all right with new website then count as a legal website and give chance to appear in listing.
If Google finds that website is not good and contain spam activities then treat as a spam product and remove all listings from Google.

Do you have a Google source to back that up? There’s no mention of such a thing in Search Console Help. As far as I’m aware, it’s simply a myth conjured up by people trying to guess how Google works and then repeated until folk start to believe in it.

You are (or have been) a Google employee as part of the search team?
TBH I’m surprised they would let you disclose any important information about the inner workings.

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Any site should come up when searching for for the direct URL (ie
You need your site to rank based on it’s content for “Your Topic” not site name. Your Google rankings really comes down to one word “relevancy”. Is your site “RELEVANT” To what the searcher put in the search box? Is the content Relevant? Or are you just writing things to get the rankings. Example: You have a “Real Estate” site. You tell all about your real estate company, and agents. So yes your about real estate - but when you were looking for your house - Did you enter “Real Estate” in a search box and take the first one that came up? Or did you search “house for sale, your town”. What if you created a page that was SEO targeted for each house you sold. The yard sign could say search the address. When a customer entered 123 Main St., Your town - Your listing for that house should come up, and take the customer into your “Real Estate” pages. Not the other way around. Relevancy - Relevancy - Relevancy is how you’re found on the web. Read and learn from OlleNeiman posts, he’s giving you sources of Google telling you what they want - learn from them.

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I am not, but Paul Haahr is a senior “ranking engineer” at Google and he disclosed quite a bit at SMX West 2016. That presentation was the bulk of my sources for that article.

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