Shaun(OfTheDead) wants a New Avatar. Suggestions?

[FONT=“Georgia”]I stole this gif of a pirate from… somewhere… many years ago.

It’s about time I updated it with something of my own.

Any suggestions?


Maybe a Green zombie?

[FONT=“Georgia”]Something green, eh?

I was thinking to take a photo of… something.


I’d be sad to see you without a pirate image. :frowning:

I’d even draw a green pirate for you if you stay one.

I have to say I’m with Maleika on this one - you’ve always been the pirate… you’re stuck with it Shaun, tough! :smiley:

But if you really want to change, what about a pic of Photon or you with a pirate’s eye patch :rofl: you have the hair for it :rolleyes:

Atlas to support those heavy badges :wink:

[FONT=“Georgia”]I like that idea! :smiley:


[FONT=“Georgia”]Hey, that’s a good one too.

Maybe I could use him for my profile pic.

I wonder if I could get a photo of both of us together. Hard enough getting photos of him by himself!




Dress him in a little pirate suit too :smiley:




He’s feeling sick these days, walking around all depressed :confused:

[FONT=“Georgia”]I have to catch him every twelve hours to squirt antibiotics into his mouth.


I remember your avatar from when I first started reading/posting on the forums. I can hardly recognize spikeZ without all of his spikes! Do you really want to do the same?

Sure, you guys just think you can &%@# up the program all willy-nilly! I’m not having it! :mad: :smiley:

A picture of a bear fighting a unicorn, while wearing a top hat, in a liquor aisle in a supermarket.

A picture of a bear fighting a unicorn, while wearing a top hat, in a liquor aisle in a supermarket.

Holy crap yes.

You could at least give the pirate a green head bandana (or whatever it’s called).

or – maybe hold a “Shaun(OfTheDead) wants a new avatar” competition?

:tup: that sounds good Allan - and a matching green eye patch :weee:

@Shaun - I sent you a VM re: Photon!

The bear/unicorn liquor aisle brawl is all kinds of awesome. I think you might need to camp out for a long time to catch that photo though!

Off Topic:

The Phillips Cinema Parallel Lines competition this year was based around making a whole short film based around the dialogue “What is it?” “A unicorn” “I’ve never seen one up close before”. A beariCorn-monopolyHat-bourbon scrap woulda owned all!

Anyway, I vote pirate Photon. Doable and awesome.


You don’t know Photon!

I agree it’d be awesome!