Your new user title is

I haven’t really ventured into GC for a while but over a couple of beers at lunchtime on Sunday I came up with an idea for a game.

I was thinking that we could dictate each other’s user titles for a week. So, the person posting after me here decides what my title is going to be (it is currently ‘Renegade’) and I have to change it to that. For the sake of making the game fun, I think that if you choose to partake then you HAVE to make the change…! Keep them within the general guidelines obviously - ie clean-ish :wink:

Sorry, but this is a bit of an exclusive game. If you don’t have > 100 posts you won’t be able to edit your title therefore you can’t participate.

So… who’s brave enough to make me change mine to something stupid?

Yes I forgot to check this thread, it’s changed now :slight_smile:

I already did you, it was ^ I smell like cheese ^, gonna change it?

^ I didn’t know it was illegal

^ [FONT=“Georgia”]I’m a pretty, pretty flower.


^ What’s your mobile number?

^ I smell like cheese ^

So then I was all like DAAYUUM

^I’ve been told I have pretty legs ;]

The winky face must be included

^ kick@ss

^ I’m really really sorry ^

^things that make you go hmmm…

^ From space with love

You want me to apologize forever :eek: :lol:

^ Watch out! I’m a secret aget :stuck_out_tongue:

^ Sith Lord

^ I <3 Rubiks

Darth Vader

^ I <3 Robots

^I meant that to happen

Maybe a whole week is too much… there are one or two persons that should have changed title already :stuck_out_tongue: