Hello. I am looking for affiliates to promote a web hosting website.

I don’t know where to find affiliates, can someone help?

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You should try luck in Affiliate Marketing groups in Facebook. I think you will have more luck over there, because they tend to be very active, so you will surely get some or plenty of affiliates interested, provided your service is good and offers them more benefits than other options in the market.

Yes, use Facebook. If you are kind to other members, you can increase you clan culture motivation, if you are into learning and open communication. This will help you to get more work done as an affiliate, in theory.

Social media has been a good tool for me in finding affiliates. Reaching out to individuals who have a good following help out a lot. What niche are you in?

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I am into shared web hosting

Thank you!!

Will take a shot, thank you!!

Shared web hosting is good! I would make a facebook ad that can target the demographic that you want. Talk with people online. I am also looking for other ways other than social media to find affiliates. What ideas do you have?

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I am looking into ClickBank. What other ways are you using, other than social media?

So far just word of mouth and forums. You have to be careful with forums though. If you sell something or appear to be spammy they will delete your post. This happened to me earlier! Sorry TechnoBear! I will look into Clickbank! Have you had much success?

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