Where To Get Affiliates

I’m just about to launch a new program with a series of web marketing videos. I will be offering a highly lucrative affiliate payout so would like any suggestions where I might advertise to get new affiliates.

I got 39 affiliates by making friends on facebook. I went around invited people to be my friend and added a personal message with my referral link. It takes me about 45 minutes a day message about 100 people.

My blog goes more into detail about things like this.

If it is really lucrative, try identifying the popular sites in the targeted niche and writing to their webmasters.

Advertise it on clickbank there you will get a lot of affiliate.

If you use an affiliate marketing network they have thousands of affiliates ready to promote you: Affiliate marketing networks

Or you could install your own program, but you would then have to go out and promote the program yourself. Most networks do this for you.

use facebook or twitter.

Well, you can lits your products as cj and clickbank there you can get good affiliates if you pay good commssions. Also forums can help in this way to get affiliates.

Create a related page on facebook, then invite friends who are interested in marketing to your page.

Throught your affiliate network is the best way. I’d recommend Shareasale.

Is it a chance to promote my offer at SitePoint Forum for getting affiliates?

Theres ppc theres free advertising like articles advertising in social medias like youtube… by doin this u can easily get affiliates for u r program… put it on clickbank and various affiliate networks… good luck

A good way to get affiliates is building an opt-in list to sell to, then registering on CB, selling to the list and getting nice gravity thus attractive affiliates. But design a nice affiliate page with videos, banners and keywords + articles to keep the attraction and get them promoting your products! Worked for me!

I have one question - if you are running offer via one affiliate network, can I also promote my offer via another network as well?

make referral program and pay 10% and than add links to affiliate program directories.