How can i get lead for affiliate marketing?

I am new on marketing site.Can you tell me how can i get some lead for my offers?

Are you doing affiliate marketing ? or having your own site to promote products?

Are you doing promoting or advertising???

If you own the offers and want traffic for it but don’t know how to get it, try joining affiliate networks. They link advertisers who wants to get traffic for their offers with publishers who promotes the offers for you. Please also mind that there is also payment based on your agreement with the network.

to get quality traffic you must show presence on social media, posting in groups, answer questions, share your link if anyone is looking for such.
Get some useful content. straight to point, no round and round commenting.
focus on services.

no i am a affiliate marketer.What can i do?



  • fb ads
    Social media marketing
    email marketing

For affiliate marketers, the best way is email marketing. But you have to invest a little money.

If i spend money can i grab there all service ?Some of those email provider does not give me approved to there site.What can i do now?

Could you make the last question little bit more clear?
Also, what niche are you in?

As the OP is no longer with us, it is pointless to revive this topic.

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