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Hello all!

We just created a new affiliate site for our dating products..

Looking for some tips and advice on how to bring the world to our site , or at least some of the world..


Have you tried advertising on social media with Facebook ads or checking out some dating groups? Social media has been helping me a lot with advertising for my own affiliate program.


Exactly, i agree with you. In these day, a lot people are getting information about products on social media.
So, i would also suggest you to make a social media pages and then start posting your product description there.


advertising on facebook wil help increasing more fan base to your program and i will so suggest you try high qualify facebook page nad you will get a good result

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Apart from social media presence, I think running Google Ad campaign can be one of the quickest way to get your site noticed if budget is not your concern.

Consider submitting your website to all the search engines. you will get good value from these submission.

SEO and link-building are the best ways to grow the presence and traffic to any website.


I did the Facebook thing years ago and still have many Facebook pages, dating groups, business pages, web site pages and basically its not the place to bring quality sign ups. I have my own network of dating sites I built up , we have about 300,000 subscribers. Facebook sign ups are not worth the work , traffic from business/web pages is usually from countries such as Iran/Iraq/Syria and so on.. these people simply do not ever convert. They just want free chat like they have in Facebook..
For my web business I stick to high quality dating sign ups from Western Europe and the US. And I have several ways to bring them to the sites.. I did advertising in Facebook about 4 years ago.. Its not easy to advertise there, they will just let you advertise your web site Facebook page, not directly to your web site..

For the affiliate side of things Im also looking for serious affiliates probably from the US and a few other countries..

I don't need some cheepo's sending crappy registrations from say the Congo or Liberia who will never convert and will down grade my premium niche sites..

I guess I will just have to stick at it ,,,


You're on a niche that's hard per definition. Nothing is easy but conversion when it is something as personal as dating is even harder.
It looks like you already know the business so you know. On one side, you have the people that want serious dating, not a quick thing.
On the other, you have those who just look for a free one night stand.
And then, you have the professionals, that will always be hard to find and remove because, you know, using every tool possible to get new clients.
I'm not surprised that FB has not provided as much results as you wanted. I do believe that FB, used properly, will indeed provide you with serious business But getting it to work for dating will be tricky.
Same with FB ads. They do work... when you get them right. But doing them right is hard. Not only for dating... but any niche and product.


You can try to advertise on other dating services, that have a strong domain authority. That would give your website some leverage and bring the audience you desire.


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