Facebook ad clicks vs. what Analytics shows

Just curious if anyone has noticed this. Facebook is showing double the clicks that my analytics page is showing. Thus I’m paying for what appears to be traffic that never makes it there.

Anyone know what could explain this? Thanks!

Yes I noticed this too when I was starting my advertising campaign. The only explanation is that users click the link then close immediately before your website is already viewed so it is count by Facebook not by Google Analytics. Make sure that you are targeting the correct audience. Alter text, images, call to action and see if this solves the problem.

Facebook has an external URL warning for many sites so they may warn people that they are sending to an external site after they click your ad. People may choose not to continue to your landing page but you are still charged for the click. You should click your ad link and see if this is the case.

It’s beacuse you are linkings your facebook ads to a facebook page where you have iframed the page with the analytics code Internet Explorer will not allow the use of cookies from pages within an iframe, and analytics works with the help of cookies.

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