Advice about google search

Hi - sorry, not sure which forum to put this query in.

Is it possible to run a search on google which would search for e.g. this:

text link: my real name
actual href part of the hyperlink:

The reason I ask is that when I google my name, my site appears first in the list, and I want to know how that’s happening.

I think it’s because there are places on the web where there’s a hyperlink with my name as the text, and the link is to my site:

<a href=“”>my real name</a>

Trouble is that I don’t know how to find those instances, and wondered if such a search can be done on google, where one can search for the text link, and also the underlying URL of that link.

I’d like to remove the link between my real name, and my site, and this seems like a good place to start.

Any advice much appreciated.


Unless those links are on your own site, there won’t be much you can do about it, short of writing to the site owners and making a request. But hey, if those links go to your site anyway, what’s the problem? It’s traffic to your site.

Thanks for the reply. I suppose it was more out of curiosity, to see where it was happening that such a link was in place. I’ve written to q. a few people who have removed / changed links to break the connection…