How to find out if a website is linking to me

Is there a Google query to find out if a particular website is linking to me? I want to see if this one website has a link to me, but its a massive website and I dont want to go through every page looking for a link to me.

Try the “advanced” search with Google and it will produce something like this:


you should goto yahoo and type

you might also want to try this one:

“your link anchor text”

“” without quotes worked for me, looked for links on all yahoo pages

google amazes me sometimes

this will search sites that explicitly have a “title” tag that is the .com site, the LINK: will search for any links back to the site the same way and more.

you could have

<a href=""></a>


<a href="">whatever site descrip</a>

so the link: search is a better way of going about searching for linkbacks because it will search for and whatever site descrip too

AFAIK that will result in getting every page that’s linking.

Any way to see if a particular site is linking without going through a lot of results?

type in the search box: “” without quotes and hit enter