Google is showing my name when I search my site

I tried configuring my google settings but I can still see my name on google search result. Anybody have a solution or can say something about this? Pls see attached image. thanks~

Your hosting / domain registration must be showing - because Google may not have anything else to show for your name (meaning you name does not share anything else on the web).

It’s fine now :slight_smile:
When I activated google plus, it automatically linked into my website. Google search result do not show my name anymore when I deactivated it :slight_smile:

What exactly you have activated? I am little bit curios to know…

Okay i got it you are having authorship and having link of your Google plus page with your website!!!

I think i got it what he is actually trying to say.

So he is logged into his google account and now he starts a search and the SERP results comes up ! Along with the SERP result he can see his name on the top right section of the SERP result which infact is his name in his G plus account.

I think this is what he is trying to say . May be ?? May not be ???

This is what usually happens when you have make your profile available in public or in search engines. If you’re registered to popular social media sites or other websites and you agree to make your profile in public, your name will eventually appear when google search your name. Aside from Google plus, Facebook, Twitter and linked contribute a lot in making your profile public.

i think he was searching for his website when he was logged in his Google account.

kindly check your google webmaster notification. just follow guidelines to avoid such a things on search in google.

a promote of google?