How to make Forum Site By WordPress

Hello All,
I am new in WordPress. But I have a Interest to make forum site by using WordPress.
But I don’t is it possible or not.
If it is Possible then Can you please tell me How Can I make It by using WordPress?
I would be Grateful if you please Tell a few words about the Topic.
Thanking You All.

Hi image2. Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

WordPress is all about add-ons. There’s an add-on for just about anything, including for forums. Google is your friend here: search for something like “WordPress forum add-on”. You’ll get lots of results, including SimplePress.

Dear Sir,

Thanking you for your earlier Reply. Actually I have hear about the Plugin Name:SinplePress about I never use the Plugin.
Can You please tell me Is it very Difficult to use or a new use can use it by learn it’s help instruction.

Thanking You.

I would recommend Simple Press too, it’s easy to use especially if you re familiar with forums in general but the installation is different from your typical WordPress plugin because it includes some manual steps. Check their documentation and they have a good support forum too.

Yes, as rezag said, it’s a popular one. Follow the instructions step by step and you should be fine. :slight_smile:

there is plugin called bbpress you can use that for making forum…

Here is the official link of plugin…

You better make a separate forum by using a cms like phpbb.

I would suggest you to build your forum using Vbulitin or Mybb if you still want wordpres only then i recommend you to use -

Dear Sir’s ,

If I use Simple Press then will it help me to make a Nice and Attractive Forum ?
I Will start the work of making Forum within a short time.
And If I face any problem then I think I will get help from Site Point Users.
Thanking you.