Does a SEO forum consider as a link farm?

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I just wanted to know if an SEO forum consider as a link farm.


A SEO forum in itself isn’t necessarily a link farm. You should first of all understand what a link farm is, and then you can probably decide for yourself.

It’s not considered a link farm but a forum isn’t going to do much -if anything- in terms of SEO backlinks for you.

No, it would not be a link farm, but it can able to give you more back links.

Backlinks that carry “nofollow” tags

Well not all forums have nofollow on their links. Regardless of this, there are so many outbound links on most forums that they carry relatively little weight as far as SEO is concerned.

no its not consider link farm

A forum is a very different beast from a link farm.

A link farm exists solely for the purpose of giving links to other sites. Search engines are generally good at spotting link farms and disregarding everything on them.

A forum exists for the purpose of discussing a particular topic. Search engines can recognise forums and (depending on nofollow) will look at outbound links in the context of the forum. Links that relate to the content of the forum will be treated as valuable links, but those that are at best tangential to the content of the discussion (such as what you have in signatures) will be seen for what they are and given little or no benefit.

But remember that there are so many outbound links on forums that it is unlikely that you will get any significant benefit from them.

If you get links from link farms, it can hurt you…in seo terms, (and is considered a bad neighborhood)
But if you have a forum signature, it wont…you will get benefits and traffic.

I’m starting to wonder just how much juice you can get from a backlink from a forum. Too many forums. Too many people trying to do the same thing.

Were you ever under the impression you could get anything?

  • Forum pages have no PR, because they’re so transient and have no backlinks

  • Forum pages have hundreds of links, and the PR you get is inversely proportional to the number of links

There’s no such thing as a good backlink from a forum, as far as SEO goes.

i dont think that forums can be considered as link farms.
Infact they are the fatset source to get our site indexed.

No, it not consider as a link farm. in forum commenting you can discuss on a particular topic, and you can give the forum signature.

yes i think so…
seo forum consider a link farm

Could you explain why you think that seoasia? Otherwise, people might think you’re just posting any old rubbish. :wink:

What, you think people post uninformed and inaccurate rubbish on the SEO forum? I don’t know how you could even suggest such a thing :smiley:

You’re quite right Stevie. I think I lost my head for a moment :eek: