Why we do forum?

Hello friend,

I am new member in this forum please tell me why we do forums.
still i am not awarer about it.


I think forum is the place where we discus whatever our mind.
Here also we solve our problem.
Thank you.

With the help of Forum we can share anything. and for SEO purpose we can get traffic on site.

[font=verdana]Given that this is a web design forum, peope come here to discuss web design – in some cases it’s looking for help on a specific problem, in others it’s keeping up to date with the latest industry developments and discussions, and for many of us it’s a way to share our own knowledge and help other people out.

Different forums have different goals, but if you’re here on Sitepoint Forums for any other reason then you’re probably in the wrong place.[/font]

[font=verdana]Two different things there. If you’re here for SEO then you’re wasting your time. Signature links are “nofollow”, so search engines will ignore them. Links from the main body of your message are rigorously policed so that any self-promotion is deleted, usually within minutes of it being posted. You’ll get no Google-goodness from here at all.

If you’re here for traffic then, well, there may be a chance. If you cultivate a reputation as someone who has interesting and worthwhile things to say, if you can gain the respect of other members, and if you have signature links that match up with what someone is looking for (or just piques their curiosity) then you might get a few clickthroughs. But if that’s your main goal then you’re going to be disappointed. You’ll need to work hard in the forums to build that kind of reputation, and while we’re delighted when people make the effort to do so, realistically you’re not likely to get all that much direct traffic as a result, so if that’s your main reason for being here and you aren’t particularly interested in joining in the discussions, you would probably be able to spend your time more profitably elsewhere.[/font]

Thanks Steive D for your valuable comment.I think forums are the best place to improve your knowledge. Here we can ask anything and hope for getting good solution for our problems.And yeah as here the signature links are nofollow so all SEO benefits of forum posting cannot be fulfill here.I think one should go for rule of forums first before joining it.

For me, I do go to forums to find answers to my questions, and to ask other members about their opinion on anything that I get confused to and how to solve some problems, and also sharing them what I know.

Forums help bring industry experts, hobby enthusiasts, people with a shared interest, all together. It’s the one place you can meet and talk about things which you’re passionate about and genuinely interested in, while knowing the people you are discussing with share your passion and enthusiasm. When it comes to technology especially, it’s even better that they know what you’re talking about. The general aspect of discussion, debates and knowledge sharing I suppose, are what draws me towards forums.

Forum is the place where we can talk about and discuss with each other without chatting applications.

Participating in forums will help you to gather lot of information as well as you can share your ideas also, you will get quality backlinks also to rank well on SE’s

most forums are like this one, where that remark is completely false

Forum is the place where you can get useful and valuable information, can get traffic for your blog or site via signature or profile and can get backlinks too :slight_smile:


You can only get useful and valuable information if you are prepared to read what other members have written. And if you had read the earlier posts, then you would know that all the links on this forum, like many other forums, are nofollow and therefore useless for backlinks.[/FONT]

Forum is the right place to discus about any matter, and You can learn many special thinks without going any institutes.
And you cab get many opportunity to ask Question to thousands of Experts in the Forums.
So, I think we need forum to learn, to know, to enlarge our Knowledge about any thing.
Thanking you.

We are here to share your thoughts and everything about whats running on your mind :slight_smile: