A rough ball park figure for basic site with cms?


Not sure if this is the place to ask, I know this type of question is a bit like asking ‘how long’s a piece of string?’. I can hear the sighs…

I like coding, but web development isn’t my normal line of work and I don’t really have a clue as to what i should be charging.

I have built a reasonably straight-forward responsive web-site as the client requested.

4 pages; home, machines, services, contact

I normally write all my own CSS but have opted to use boot-strap on this site to make life a bit easier.

Home page has standard header and nav. It has a fading slide show with product specials below — thumbnails with title, short descriptions and a side-bar with machine categories.

Standard footer with links, recent products and contact info.

The machines (list) page has a categorised list of products. Again side-bar with categories. Oh and a breadcrumb.

The machine (detail) page has a breadcrumb, carousel of machine images and tech spec descriptions below.

Service will be standard service text, pictures etc.(waiting on content)

The contact page again standard fair, I’ve added java-script as well as php back-end validation etc.

The site comes with a cms(I chose perch cms) which I have setup so that the customer can easily add new categorised products, images, descriptions etc.

As I say it’s not a ground breaking site. The client wanted a no-frills, no-nonsense website, but with the facility of being able to easily add and delete products.

Can anyone here give me a rough ball park of what I should be charging for this? I seriously haven’t a clue.



It may be helpful to know your location, or the client’s location and the unit of currency you use. As these things can vary greatly across the globe.

Yes I know that’s a good point Sam(It had crossed my mind). We’re based in Thailand, but my client/friend like myself is British. I would like a rough idea of what say a Brit would charge in pounds.

Here are a few grabs, just to give an idea.

Home Page

Detail Page

CMS. I have since changed the text editor to ckeditor

Normally for a site like that you either charge at your hourly rate or a fixed fee.

Here’s what I suggest:

  1. Calculate your hourly rate if you don’t have one
    In other words how much an hour do you need to earn to live comfortably, based on a full 40 hour working week

  2. Tot up the total number if hours you spent on the project and multiply by your hourly rate
    Don’t forget to include time spent planning the project, dealing with client communications, design, coding, testing and implementation

  3. Tot up your costs
    Perch licence
    any other costs

  4. Calculate the total for the project, Hours + Cost = Total fee

That will give you some idea of what to charge.

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Thanks for the breakdown bluedreamer, appreciated.

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