How much should I charge for a Website

Hi I’ve nearly finished my first website for a small company. My question is what should I be charging for making the site. I’ve just built and designed the pages using HTML/CSS javascript and jquery. I haven’t included a CMS or done any SEO apart from keywords in my html. The site is responsive aswell.

That I can’t answer, but from my own experience it’s better to get the cost of the website before you start with the client. That way both parties are on equal footing, but now the client has the upperhand.

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The answer to that will vary from country to country and even from region to region within a country. Did you not agree some kind of price or pricing structure with the client in advance? It seems rather unusual to me to be thinking about this after the site has been completed.

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Very strange to be asking this question after you have finished the website. How much is the client expecting to pay?


£250 has been discussed. Sorry I should of included that. Is that reasonable amount? Am I pushing my luck ? Or for future preferences should I have asked for more. This is the first time and it took me about a 3-5 weeks to fully complete it.

That sounds quite cheap to me, depending on the size of the website. However, if it’s your first site and you’ve been learning on the job, that may not be so bad. I made my first website, for a charity, for nothing.

As mentioned before there is no set dollar amounts. I have seen developers charge as low as 9 dollars an hour or as much as a 1000 an hour. Take into account the complexity, size and time spent and resources used in figuring a price. But as mentioned it is far better to have a pay structure figured out before you even begin with the project.

Other area’s if invalved are also chargeable services.

Consulting - anytime you consulted the client on what route to take that can be a charged service and always should be talked about upfront. Since did not do that it will be hard to charge for those hours you worked.

Mockups/Planning/Proposals/Writeups etc. - This is another area where you should be able to charge your a service fee for your time spent if any. But once again you missed out here as it will be hard for you to charge unless otherwise discussed.

Change Requests - yeah definitely an area where a project proposal and set line items come into play and you could be able to charge for those but its gonna be hard in your situation without the supporting documents.

This list can go on trust me i learned a ton of this the hard way. So next time take the time and make sure you hash out all the details and your loosing out on area’s where you are giving your time and not getting payed for it.

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Well most of us, at the beggining, works cheap.Not because we don’t have an experience, it’s because we don’t know how much our job is worth.

I made my first site for free, it was for local associations.

For me the best option is hourly work - set your hourly rate and work :slight_smile:

Pricing is something that is very subjective. Just like women’s handbags, there are cheap ones and there are the ones that are priced at thousands of dollars. It is a matter of how you position your pricing strategy and communicate the value proposition to your clients. While scale and complexity plays a part, it is still down to the agreement you had with the client.

I’ve got offers from $300 to $10000. If you are working by yourself I guess you are the lower side of the prices and freelancers usually don’t take fore then $500 (at least from my experience).

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