Cost of this design?

I know many genius available here. Please tell me how much I can cost for this website (Web design and Web development).

Royal Arts and Decoration.

I designed this site, but not for me. I promising that I am not trying to advertise this site…

Tell us a bit more about the site, gokulgg. How long did it take to make? Does it run on a CMS? Can the client edit content etc? What features does it have?

Thanks for reply ralph.m

It approximately took 30 hours for me to complete this. (3 Hours X 10 Days)

This is not a cms. Because the client really don’t want to edit contents. This has Index, Gallery, Testimonials, Contact us, FAQ, Services pages…

I have added a config file so it is easy to change basic variables there like site url, keywords, meta desc…

I have used php for sending mail (Inviting a friend to site and contact the site owner)

I have used Jquery for gallery.( I don’t know JQuery, So I am using a open source script)…

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And this is my first one…

I don’t think this question can be answered by anyone other than yourself. You need to calculate the value of the site based on the parameters you’ve set. Some of these are your hourly rate, geographical location, level of support, experience, expertise, communication, and so forth. What I’d pay will be different from what Ralph would pay, which would be different from what person x would be willing to pay which means that it’s your very own judgement that is required. If I said take 30 USD per hour, how would that help? I could as well say take 60 USD per hour, 100 USD per hour, 10 USD per hour. You need to set the parameters, then do the calculation. That’s a responsibility that can’t be taken from you.

I understand your words kohoutek. But when someone asks me this question (“How much for designing this site?”). I simply have no answers. If you can tell a very minimum amount that can be charged for this site… It will be helpful for me. Thanks…

Yes, but that’s what I was trying to say. I do not know where you live, I do not know your experience level, I do not know what level of support you’re offering, I do not know how much taxes you pay, I do not know how much padding you add to the total amount of hours spent, I do not know whether you’re offering hosting/server space… And the list goes on.

I really cannot give you an answer to your question. But you should definitely not go below whatever the minimum wage is in your area. That could be a starting point, albeit not an optimal one as I outlined above.

Yes, as kohoutek says, perhaps look at something like the minimum wage in your area and use that as an absolute base rate. Work out how much that would work out to per hour. But really, if you want to make a living from this, look at what your actual living costs are, as that will give you a truer base rate. Then consider things like savings etc. I agree with kohoutek that it’s a question you have to ask yourself.

You can set your prices as high as you like, but of course, if they are too high, market forces will soon tell you. So you lower your price. This is where a base rate comes in handy, as you know when there’s no point in going any lower and it’s time to get another job.

On the other hand, if you are doing this sort of thing on the side, for fun or for a bit of extra money, it doesn’t matter much what you charge. I have a friend who is a brilliant web developer, but he has a day job in another field, and just does websites on the side, for fun. He could charge much more than he does, but he doesn’t care, as it’s basically a hobby and he enjoys it anyway.

:cool: I have to learn a lot, not only web development and also the facts for life. Thank you friends.
I am now a college student. I love web designing and I want to do this as my full time work.
I am not providing hosting, but from some advices, I planned to buy hosting for client and the client don’t let work for anything.
In my area I heard that people (consider a small company) will price 600-1000 Indian rupees for one normal html web page.
But I cannot be a company now.
What should I ask, I really don’t know. Because If I ask very low price, the client may think the work may not be good. am I right?

Ok anyway thanks for being a good teacher… :cool::cool::cool:

Again, we can’t tell you what to ask. I have no idea what 1000 Rupees is worth. Really, an agreed price should be worked out before work commences. Otherwise you are asking for trouble. If the client has let you build something without discussing a price, he/she will have some expectation of what it’s worth, and you have no idea what that is. Whatever price you set, there will possibly be surprise one way or the other—either that it’s too high or too low.

Sounds like it took approximately a week’s work, so charge the client for a week’s work. You’ll have to decide what your work is worth.

Hmm 1000 INR (Indian Rupee) is around £13.80 so it may be considered cheap or expensive depending upon which country selling the product to. Negotiate a price with the client if the average web-designer is selling at 1000 INR and your work is as good as theirs then go near, and if it isn’t stay a lot lower. I agree you should have asked what budget the client had first so you could come to a ‘fair price’.

At the end of the day, it’s down to how valuable you feel your time is. If you want to make around £20k a year and you can make one design a week then you’ll want to earn £500 a week through designs, earning you around £2k a month before tax. Of course, your ability will have to match your price.

Again I really thank you all. Thanks for providing useful and quality information.


As you have learned, there is no easy answer.

That’s one of the reasons asking for appraisals is against forum policy :wink: