How much it costs in 2014 for generic wordpress cms site

I want to know exact or approximately cost of wordpress site for the year 2014 such as a normal small business website which consists of 5 to 10 pages. The overall development include site planning, wire-framing, designing mock-up in photoshop then code into html and css and finally the wordpress conversion so I need a complete estimated cost.

Many thanks.

Great news for you.

WordPress is totally FREE !! :weee:

(well, in terms of money, that doesn’t count your time)

:lol: No! My friend I meant here I am a designer by myself and this is my first experience of creating a website with wordpress integration so I wanted to know the cost/charges for a typical wordpress site design and development so that I can charge that particular amount from my client.

Many thanks.

I think the OP wants to know how much it would cost a developer to build them a site.

I would say you will have to put together some specifications and get quotes as it would be impossible to give a price from what you have posted as you are looking for a completely custom design.

If you use to start with then the hosting is free. All you need to do is to select one of the available themes and enter your content.

If you want a theme other than the ones provided at then you will need to pay for hosting and possibly also for the theme.

Requirements would be necessary for an accurate quote. Development could be as simple as installing WP or as complex as managing multiple plugins w/ custom integrations for specific business requirements and UX functionality. It all depends on the details. If you have never done this type of work before than you’re likely to considerably under estimate everything. So my recommendation would be triple the amount of time you think something will take. Otherwise you’re probably going to end up working for free to some extent unless the compensation is hourly. Either way you need to consider level of effort for both functional requirements and theming to form a proper quote. Anything less than that is really just a shot in the dark likely to be very incorrect. This all goes for any project.

And the winner is oddz :smiley:

I might add that no two websites are or will be the same. I suspect you’re talking about a real website where you come up with a design and create a custom theme rather than a cookie cutter, me too, theme forest debacle, right?

Before you do anything, you should download and set up a copy of the CMS to set up a dummy site and familiarize yourself with it, get some plugins and see what you can make it do.

As far as quoting goes, I’ve found that even really similar projects have their idiosyncrasies that set them apart and you are always best to define the scope of the whole project (even if it appears to be dead simple) and provide a proper estimate. I did a really simple quote for a mining company a couple of days ago in point form because I’m too busy to do a full on formal quote and the client knows me. Here were my points in the estimate:

  1. Design

  2. Development and configuration (setting up the CMS, applying the design/theme, installing configuring modules, etc…)

  3. Production (inserting copy, adding PDF’s, video, styling text, constantly fine tuning the theme and css)

  4. Transferring the site from dev to production (it may only take 30 minutes or it could be 3 hours but you need to account for it)

  5. Training (do you train your client to administer the site, with a CMS you should)

  6. Meetings (in person and remote)

  7. Long term maintenance (patches & updates)

Many thanks Oddz and Awasson for briefing about the issue. Now I will count my progress as respectively as how much it’s is taking of my time as well as my skills and efficiency, after that I will quote it to the client.


Hi Umair,

That sounds like a good approach to take. Good luck!