How much would you have charged?

I just completed a web site for someone as a gift. I really respect this person and wanted to make a nice website. I would like to know how much in US dollars you would have charged for this website?

What would you have charged?

Please send me a private message and honestly tell me how much you would have charged. I want to know how to gauge my future projects.
If this is against Site Point’s policy I apologize. Let me know.

I’m cheap… with all that flash an all…maybe around $2000. But I am not the best negotiating so…

Thanks for the feedback monona.
Other feedback is welcomed. :slight_smile:

Looks nice!

I would say $1500 - $2000
Mostly because there doesn’t seem to be a CMS driving the site. If there were, I’d say about $3000.

Can you remind me what CMS is again? And why would it be more expensive if it had it?

A CMS (or Content Manament System) allows registered users of the website to change it contents. For example most blogs are CMSs, because users can add posts to it.
It would be more expensive, because you would have had more work, i.e., implementing the CMS

Although it might mean less work in the long term. If you have maintenance in the contract and you find yourself constantly updating content for them you may wish you gave them the CMS so they could do it themselves.

That’s exactly the reason I don’t create website without a CMS. I don’t want to become a drone that only updates other peoples websites.

Although letting users manage their own content can also be tricky, for example users that think you can convert a BMP to a JPEG by changing the extension of the file …

Thank you. Actually, I am going to be setting up a CMS for this client so he can make some minor changes later on.

[FONT=“Georgia”]You might consider downloading Wordpress and using it as the CMS for the website.

I’m learning how to do that now and it’s been working out great so far.

Cuts my work in half, 'cause all I need to build is a front-end, and allowed me (so far) to finish projects faster.


Wow, quick turn around. :slight_smile:

I would calculate the amount of hours I spent on the task and then multiply it by the hourly rate I change, thereby coming out with a good number to work from (if negotiation is required). If you want something based on a fixed rate though, I would go with what others have said (possibly in the $2500 range). :slight_smile: