A better SERP or PR

Can any one tell the exact answer on my question is does it help getting a better SERP or PR in any way, getting included in DMoz?

If you are in business of selling links or websites then PR is very important.

thanks you guys for your replays…So Dmoz is not that effective as it used to be before.

Not really. Dmoz link will alway be valuable because it is a high quality link. I would avoid other directories though(except yahoo).

Ashish H Thakkar

thanks you guys for your replays…So Dmoz is not that effective as it used to be before.

Links on DMOZ will help you in search results … a little bit. Because their links are all vetted and approved, they carry a lot more weight than directory sites that allow anyone to post whatever links they want. On the downside, DMOZ can be really picky and it can be difficult to get your site listed - even if you get it approved, it often takes months - so it’s up to you whether you think it’s a worthwhile use of your time…

In my opinion page rank still matters for it tells how credible your site is,in order for you to get notice by many viewers you must earn credibility first then serp might follow.

you cant easily get listed in DMOZ, takes time and sometimes they dont really approve your listing…its ok to give it a try

By taking a look at the ranking status of some top performing websites on the Google engine, you would notice that nowadays having high PR is no guarantee for achieving the top positions. Many quality links could be gained which may be even no followed and yet they could help your website with ranks but nor with improving its PR and so, having a top ranking site even with lower PageRank scores could be better than focusing on that green bar.

In an ethical SEO, when you have a good SERP, it will follow that your PR also looks good. But in a practical sense, of course you may want to have a good serp so you could quickly drive more traffic to your site.

Getting listed in dmoz, botw and yahoo directory worth. For other directories, I incline to not put my trust in their “strength”.

I haven’t tried to get on Dmoz, mainly because I’ve heard such horror stories about the approval process. From what I’ve heard, getting approved is based on luck, rather than any particular skill or rank that you might have.

I don’t think that Dmoz is now effective, non of my site is listed in Dmoz , All has Pr above 2 and SERP super. Main focus must be SERP , thats gives you some thing.

Every link without ref=“nofollow” counts towards Google’s Page Rank, and each additional link, particularly if it is well targeted and optimised, has the potential to increase your SERP ranking for the keywords/phrase targeted.

So, positive in both accounts. However, DMOZ is a pain in the ass and is not as important is it once used to be. You can try getting listed there but more often than not the time spend on that can be used more efficiently.

serp will go up with good content and good anchored text links from authoritative sites

I would prefer visitors any day rather than PR.
If I have good content on my site and a few links from sites/pages with high PR, I would eventually get the link juice from them. Also, PR updates every quarter or so. So, I wouldn’t worry too much about PR and concentrate on getting traffic and letting PR come when it has to.