Membership at seomoz

Thinking of joining the advanced membership at, but noticed it´s quite expensive ($99 pr month). Is it worth the money? Our website is not yet included in their search, so we do not want to try it out ourselves yet. But if anybody have experience with the tools they provide, it would be nice to hear. The tools looks great, that´s for sure. But looking good and giving profit is two different things.

Thanks in advance for any answer! :slight_smile:

It can be some useful information, but don’t think that there is going to be this magic bullet that will propel your site up in the rankings. It’s more about information. I wouldn’t make the statement that profit is sure to follow.

Thanks for your answer. I´ve Googled it some more, and I have the same opinion about it as you. Will try the 30 days free membership though. :slight_smile:

Yeah it’s absolutely worth it, I’ve been a Pro member there for ages and their tools are excellent. The only other option I would recommend is SEO Book but they charge $300 per month…

I would highly recommend it, campaign manager and every other tool in the tool set is well worth it. I’ve been a pro member now for 2 years.

Other than having access to these tools/data, how has it actually helped you rank better?

They do include a backlink to your site… a link from SEOmoz can’t be bad for an SEO professional. :wink: