Does page rank really matter in SEO


Some of my sites dropped page rank so I am wondering if it affects in SEO or not.

Can anyone please tell me if this will affect my seo or not.

I have not changed anything in my sites lately.


Yes Page rank matters a lot and high page rank help in getting quality back links.Through quality back link website will get some good visitors.

Yes it matters but depends upon what keywords you are targeting…if you targeted keywords are not much related to you theme then you get less value.

Ya page rank matters a lot in seo as the seo’s do the link building postings on the sites which has good pr so that they can improve there site rankings. As search engines give importance to the sites which have good pr.

Page rank matter the most. If you have a high PR link then google will treat it very well. To get high PR link you have do some thing special. Site overall PR mater not the inner webpages rank.

There are many reasons to pr drop. You need to increase quality high pr links for increase pr and serp.

See, PR is a measure of importance of a webpage, and how much Google trusts the page.

Now, the PR of a webpage doesn’t actually matter in the SEO of that particular page. But if a high PR site links to another site, then it matters.

Also, Google hardly uses the actual PR of a webpage for displaying search results.


It does matter a lot. The higher the PR, the more value your website gets.

Absolutely. PR helps determine the extent to which your site is crawled by Google and is also a measure of the quality of it’s incoming links. You won’t rank on the strength of PR alone but you’ll struggle to rank without it for competitive phrases.

Oh, so page rank does matter in seo. I will keep linking my sites to high page rank web pages. However, it is too hard to get accepted from these high pr sites.