5 Points To Be Kept In Mind When Choosing A Web Hosting Company

There are dozens of companies available on the internet that provides web hosting.So, it’s very tough to make a decision when choosing a web host for yourself.

However certain points can help you in choosing the right web hosting company:-

  1. Customer Service And Technical Support - This has to be your first criteria when choosing a web hosting company.The company with great customer service will always benefit you in the long run.

2.How long they have been in business ? - The company with good brand name is recommended for your website hosting.As everyday new web hosting company emerges on internet so it is recommended to go with a web host that has atleast five years in business.

  1. Unlimited Diskspace And Bandwith - Always go with a hosting company that provides unlimited diskspace and bandwith and unlimited domain hosting.

  2. Guarantee - Check whethter the hosting company is providing guarantee or not.If the hosting company is not providing any guarantee then it is most likely be a scam.

  3. Price - Price also plays a vital role when choosing a web hosting company.If any hosting company is providing very cheap web hosting say $2-$4 per month then i do not suggest you to go with that company as your website can face downtime problem which will take you away from your online customers.So, for the sake of few dollars you should not compromise with your business.

The major problem with the hosting companies that provides very cheap web hosting is that they overload their servers with more and more hosting account and which result in slow uploading speed of your website in user browser.

  1. Unlimited Diskspace And Bandwith - Always go with a hosting company that provides unlimited diskspace and bandwith and unlimited domain hosting.

While I don’t agree with the idea that is often suggested, of not going for unlimited hosting as it supposedly is all bad, I can’t agree with the point you make either. “Limited” hosting can be great, and used wisely, such limits can help to foster the right hosting environment for performance demanding sites.

  1. Guarantee - Check whethter the hosting company is providing guarantee or not.If the hosting company is not providing any guarantee then it is most likely be a scam.

On the contrary, a scam company would offer a very generous guarantee – but never keep its promise of refunding customers. :wink:

Unless you buy a hosting, you are not likely to get an idea of their technical support. Reputation is something we should look at. Then again lot of times we have to learn from experience.

Can you explain further.As i am planning to buy a hosting myself in few days.

I agree with ldcdc that unlimited hosting requirements are not for all… it should be limited when there is no need of high specifications. Performance and load speed of website depends on the servers and their distribution. Unnecessarily having unlimited bandwidth and space with no proper utilization, is meaningless.

Agreed that pricing always play a good role, but sometimes some best web hosts ask for higher prices due to the uptime and service guarantee, so always don’t check for the pricing.


What Dan was saying is simply that it’s IMPOSSIBLE to provide truly UNLIMITED anything. After all, the universe is finite, isn’t it? NO host can offer UNLIMITED storage or bandwidth as both are simply limited by their capacity. “Unlimited” is a LIE used by marketeers to bait the unknowing.

There have been a LOT of threads about “unlimited” here so I won’t repeat all of them. Do a search for more if the above was not sufficient (hint: there are those who like “unlimited” as a good host will move things around to provide more capacity when the margin gets tight but you will likely see other limits, e.g., CPU time, which make their “unlimited” claims a total farce).



at the end of the day,i find only one company that seems reliable to me: Hostgator

Go for it

The host I use employs the term “unmetered bandwidth”.

“unmetered bandwidth” is probably a better term to use as a host, as it implies that they don’t charge extra for going beyond a certain amount of usage, but recognize that even a massive pipe can get clogged (thus can’t be “unlimited”)

The number one entry on the list when selecting a web host should be to determine what your web hosting requirements are and to reject those hosting providers that do not meet those requirements no matter how reputable the hosting company is. There is no point considering a shared hosting provider when your requirements mean you need dedicated hosting.

As for all the “unlimited” references - they are just marketing gimmicks. You need to read the fine print to find out where the limits are that the company does impose and compare those to your requirements.

The order of priorities changes based on where you are in the business. ie if you are starting out and have no visitors and hardly any money, money is #1 and there are several hosts that I have had for years with no problems at less than $10/month.

This is one of the best description of “unlimited” services I’ve ever heard.

Not at all. I believe that will vbe something like free extra usage, but that is not unlimited.

What Dan was saying is simply that it’s IMPOSSIBLE to provide truly UNLIMITED anything.

I don’t want to go too far in the “unlimited” debate. IMHO both types of offers have their targets and use. Unlimited offers have their place, and with some hosts one can definitely get more than the $5-$10 he’s paying for the “unlimited” package. But they are $5 hosting, and the CPU/memory limits will reflects that. Busy, popular sites, need more.

An advantage of unlimited is the lack of overusage fees. I recall of instances at Godaddy and 1and1, where the customer was billed a couple thousands dollars for going over the alloted bandwidth. For the new webmaster, this can be an important point as well.

My initial concern with claiming unmetered bandwidth (not to be confused with unlimited because unlimited is a downright lie where as unmetered is a fair denotion towards the lack of initial restrictions) is that it shows a lack of business transparency (IMO). Sensible people like to know where they stand with their provider thus having a specific limit to know what they should expect from their host, it’s all well and good to claim that you “don’t keep track” but what that suggests to me and most other people who understand hosting’s construct is that what their effectively saying is that while you don’t have imposed limits, there is as a result the chance for those non-restrictions to be abused (this is especially common on shared hosting) - where a few heavy duty bandwidth “suckers” will strain the tubes for everyone else being housed in that location. It’s not only a common demominator for abusers on cheap packages but also suggesting that due to the service being unmetered the host can disclaim all responsibility and talk their way out of it (even if the service suffers), this could also lead to overselling of services as there is no planned ecology for ensuring that all members have a certain level of service that they can depend upon (without just dumping thousands of people onto a single cluster and saying “play nice and share”)… sorry but it’s just more weasel wording to me :slight_smile:

In a sensible world all web hosting would have a list of exactly what their limits are for everything and nothing would be unlimited or unmetered because everything has limits.

Unfortunately we live in a world where advertising distorts the facts and once one site starts advertising something that will never be actually relevant then to compete the others have to do the same and we no longer have some of the true information.

Most of the web hosting companies are always ready to suggest you the best hosting plans that suits better to your requirements and budget. But, as an owner you better know what are your website requirements. There are several major aspects that need to be consider before choosing a hosting provider.

Uptime Guarantee : Many web hosting providers will offer you guaranteed uptime. You need to make sure those are not just promises.
Customer Support : You need to make sure that the website hosting company provides you 24X7 customer support for all your hosting related issues.

One of the most important factors to select a hosting package is to find out the hosting platform you need. Once you are well aware of the hosting platform you need, you should find out the disk space and bandwidth required which will help you to select a hosting package or server accordingly. Unlimited is certainly not possible and hence you shouldn’t look for it.

But that doesn’t mean you should disregard ones that use marketing hype that refer to unlimited. All it means is you need to dig down to find out what the real specifications are and what it is that they do place limits on.

Well, my two cents, when choosing my webhosts one of the critical things was choosing their level of customer support. Since i sit on the computer at weird and unusual times of the day/night, i need 24/7 support, and with Hostgator, it only takes within a few minutes for one of their live chat tech staff to get talking to me. I’ve used them sooooo many times for all my newbie questions regarding setting up things in the admin back-end panel.

While their plans, price, platforms, inclusions, etc etc etc are important for you to decide too, i definitely recommend Hostgator based on their LIVE 24/7 CHAT … :smiley: and for the record, i’ve had no other problems with them as my host so far either. :slight_smile:

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