By Alyssa Gregory

Using a Client Welcome Packet to Get Off on the Right Foot

By Alyssa Gregory

You just landed a new client. You have the signed contract in-hand, and work is about to commence. As you get started, you send the client a client welcome packet, and your new relationship is set for long-term success.

Wait … you don’t have a client welcome packet? You might want to create one! In this post, I’m going to explain what a client welcome packet is, why you might want one, and what you should include in it.

What is a Client Welcome Packet?

A client welcome packet is exactly that — a set of files that welcomes a client to your company and provides all of the information he or she needs to work with you effectively. It’s like a roadmap that leads the client through your services, your policies, and your work processes.

Why Bother?

Every new relationship has a learning curve. While you can certainly navigate through challenges as they arise, a client welcome packet helps to smooth the path by acting as a client’s go-to resource for questions he or she may have. It doesn’t eliminate questions or challenges, or attempt to remove direct contact with the client, but it gives the client vital information about your company in one place.

Some of the other ways both you and your clients can benefit from a welcome packet include:

  • You present a professional image.
  • Your packet reiterates your policies and procedures.
  • It shows the client that you care about meeting his/her needs.
  • It puts all of your clients at the same starting point.
  • The information included can act as a reminder to you about what you should be doing and when.

What’s In a Client Welcome Packet?

Your client welcome packet can include anything specific to your company or services that is valuable for your clients to know. Here are some ideas to get you thinking about what your welcome packet could include:

  • Thank you/welcome letter
  • Signed copy of the contract
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Payment policies
  • Credit card authorization form
  • Completed W-9 form
  • Company policies
  • A calendar of your days off
  • Contact information sheet (yours)
  • Contact information sheet (for the client to complete)
  • Your most recent company newsletter
  • Project questionnaire
  • Next steps

You don’t want to overload the client with information, so be selective and include only the information you consider most important.

Your welcome packet can be shared as a ZIP file with all of the relevant PDFs included, or provided online in a clients-only area. You can also send a hard copy of the client welcome packet and include additional printed materials such as business cards and brochures.

Do you use a client welcome packet? What information does yours include?

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  • AndrewCooper

    Another brilliant article, Alyssa!

    I was just thinking of a “Client Welcome Pack” the other day and what I would include in the pack – So this post is the perfect timing. I’ve already made a start on my Client Welcome Pack and it’s coming along great – I guess it’s similar to a “Welcome Pack” you get in hotels, eh? Where they have a little welcome pack on the bed.

    Thanks a lot for this post at just the perfect time – Couldn’t have made it any better! :)

    • W2ttsy

      Your hotel analogy is perfect. In my previous job, we sent out a welcome pack to each client with the items that Alyssa listed. We also added some branded materials such as pens and tshirts for that extra bit of advertising exposure.

      Its also a good idea to add a project schedule in as well. If you have a client only area on your website, then a small instructional/FAQ sheet on using the system is always a good idea too.

  • Jason

    The “Client Welcome Package” is a really nice concept showing a professional image of the company.

    How about a “Project Complete Package” where the client gets informed that the project goals have been met successfully, proposing ideas for further development and/or informing the client with support plans available etc.

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