By Alyssa Gregory

5 Tips for Sending Business Holiday Greeting Cards

By Alyssa Gregory

We’re getting close to the holiday season, and not only does that mean it’s time to start gift shopping for all of your friends and family on your list, but it’s also time to start thinking about sending holiday cards to your clients and colleagues.

If you’re like me, you’ve left your business holiday greeting cards to the 11th hour before and have experienced the mad scramble to get cards out the door before the holidays. That’s never fun, so this year, I’m putting some thought into this early.

If you’re ready to get a jump on the holiday card season, too, here are five holiday card tips that may be useful to you as you get started.

Order Early

You are already ahead of the game by thinking about your holiday cards now. In fact, right now is the perfect time to order your cards, especially if you plan to include customization, branding or special designs. Use the next week or two to select and design your cards, and get your order in by the end of the month to ensure you have them in-hand on time.

Be Unique

You can, of course, just select a standard design from the card catalog, but why not try a different approach? You can create a very unique and memorable card that doesn’t have to break your budget. Some ideas include using the typically family-oriented photo card format to show a picture of your team, designing a flat greeting card that incorporates your actual business card, or selecting a humorous card to go for the laugh.


Brand Your Cards

Aside from using your actual business card incorporated into your greeting card, you can consider including some other forms of branding on your card. You will probably want to include your business name and URL, but also consider using your logo and even company colors to tie it all together.

Make It Personal

Many business holiday cards are pre-printed, giving them a professional look and feel. But make sure you take time to address your cards individually and write a personal message in each card. A handwritten note from you can be the difference between a throw-away business greeting card and one that is kept and remembered.

Skip Christmas

Who says a holiday card has to be sent for the big holidays? Consider sending a Thanksgiving card or a New Year’s card to separate yours from the masses that hit the mailbox every December.

Do you send holiday cards to your clients and colleagues? What do you do to set yours apart?

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  • Ngumbe

    Awesome advice. It’s a bad idea to make cards ‘celebration specific’ too. Take a leaf out of Dubli’s book and you’ll see what I mean.

  • Zoe Feast

    I usually send my clients a digital holiday card but took a slightly different approach last year and produced a custom video featuring a rather funky Robot. Got lots of comments from my clients, the really liked it.
    See it in action here

  • jmerchant29

    I will be using a new service this year. It allows me to design a custom card, print out my message in my handwriting, address them, stamp and mail the cards. Very simple to use. I’ve been using it already to send thank you notes to clients and they love it. You can read more about it here: http://rememberchristmas/bcmllc

  • BenFitts

    Hi Alyssa,

    Great article. You make a lot of solid points.

    Making a fun and unique card is a great way to get exposure for your business. Holiday cards are frequently put on display. This is one reason why you want your cards to be there first. You want your card to be put on display for longer.

    Also note that technology now makes this a lot easier. You can do custom cards, and still put in a personal note in your handwriting and you don’t need a month lead time :) It takes about 2 weeks to get your handwriting font created. Once that is created cards can be made today and mailed out tomorrow.

    – Ben Fitts
    The Custom Greeting Card Guy
    (and Sitepoint member for years!)

  • williamacole

    I have used SendOutCards for years. Hands down it is the best greeting card service around – especially for those residing in the U.S.. The cards are fine stock, the selections are virtually unlimited, you can personalize them to your hearts content and the price for this service is unbelievably low.

  • cahura

    Fantastic tips, all round.

    For UK residents, this may help: http://www.vistaprint.co.uk/

  • Nicholalslt M. Hone

    Since there are many ways that people from different cultures celebrate the “holidays,” I prefer to send these kinds of things just before Thanksgiving. This also goes hand-in-hand with thanking clients, and the text on the card should reflect that.


  • EastCoast

    Like Zoe, I’ve used online media rather than traditional greetings in the past. A year or two back we created an online game, which had the option for players to create and send their own, so it had the capability beyond a simple greeting to spread beyond the initial recipients, and encourage repeat use: check it out at http://festive.eastcoastinteractive.co.uk/

    If I have enough time this year in the run up to Christmas might do something that incorporates both a physical card and an online app, but ties them together using augmented reality, plus twitter/facebook for more viral spread.

  • Almonds

    A very informative article indeed. I have been an Admin Officer for 5 years in a Foundation and one of the things I normally do a month before christmas/thanksgiving is to send cards to our partners and grantees.
    Reading this article makes me realize its an even better idea to send the cards way earlier then everyone.
    I also came across a great site that allows you to personalize greeting cards. It also has a great discount for your purchase if you will be getting a lot.
    Here is the nice site –

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