Interesting JavaScript, jQuery & Random Web Dev on the Net – May 2012

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In May 2012’s edition of Interestingly Random JavaScript, jQuery and Web Development stuff we bring you some very cool stuff such as an advanced code player, JS Media Library, media search tools, HTML5 cross domain security, HTML5 how it works and some good ole random stuff. Enjoy.

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The Code Player

Make a stopwatch using CSS3 without images or JavaScript. Simply outstanding CSS work here! Well worth the watch! Good to see the code player in action too. Another good example is Make a simple cloud in CSS3. Good stuff!


Mate Alert iPhone App

Excellent iPhone application for monitoring when your Facebook friends are in your local area.


jCS Media Library

Advanced media library and special effects which works on all browsers, IE7+, ipads, andriods and mobile devices. Uses no Adobe Flash, SilverLight, SVG, HTML5, or quirky CSS3 Animations. Pure JS. This is a nice look at it in action.


Steve Jobs: How to live before you die

Old video from 2005 but well worth watching again. Excellent words from a Legend.

TinEye MultiColor

From the producers of Image Finder brings us now another awesome tool where you can select colours and it will find images matching that color composition.


Google Trends for jQuery Templates

jQuery Templates vs Static Templates vs Dynamic Templates


Small but Crispy Web Icons

GLYPHICONS is a library of precisely prepared monochromatic icons and symbols, created with an emphasis on simplicity and easy orientation. Look at the
Twitter Bootstrap Icons for examples on how to use them as a sprite.


How browsers work: behind the scenes of modern web browsers

Very indepth writeup on browser functionality, laid out like an online book with table of contents.


Leap Motion

Is this the future? Looks cool though, reminds of Tony Stark from Iron Man grabbing models from thin air.

jQuery Project on LinkedIn

Follow the jQuery Project on LinkedIn


CSS3 3D Transformations

Excellent library of CSS3 Tricks. This one is insane: Carousel 2 – dynamic Well worth checking out!



Device Testing in Browser for Responsive Layouts. My advice is that it’s always best to test on the actual devices.


Background Textures

Awesome find for royalty free textures.



“A better approach to rich text editing.” I reckon a few tweaks and some mods could work a treat!


Browse Happy

Good link to give users who are using old browsers. By


Monitoring your sites uptime

Not bad 25 sites for $35/year ($2.92/mo).


Using Gov Census Data for Testing

Example: 500 email address for testing data.


Cross Domain Ajax Requests

Ajax requests have traditionally been restricted by the Same Origin Policy which only allowed them to make request to resources within the same domain. HTML5 breaks this restriction and allows for Ajax requests to be made across domains. We’ll discuss the security implications of the same and provide pointers on how Cross Origin Requests(COR) can be implemented securely.


API used to let users correct spelling and grammar mistakes.


Sintel Open Project Movie

Pretty good free open source to download animation movie. “Sintel” is an independently produced short film, initiated by the Blender Foundation as a means to further improve and validate the free/open source 3D creation suite Blender.


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