The Benefits of Guest Bloggers and How to Find One

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If you have a blog, you probably hit the wall once or twice and struggled to eek out another post. It happens to everyone who writes regularly for a blog, or writes anything regularly, for that matter. It’s just impossible to produce a steady stream of new and engaging material without some extra effort sometimes.

The Benefits of Having a Guest Blogger on Your Blog

One way to clear the hurdle of writers block is by stepping back and giving someone else the stage. Not only does this create a tremendous opportunity to learn, but there area also a number of other benefits. Here are a few.

    • It gives your readers a fresh perspective. Your voice, tone and writing style is unique, and it’s one of the reasons your readers come back. But having a guest blogger changes it up enough temporarily to make your own writing less dull and predictable.
    • You get a break from writing. If you aim for a certain number of posts each week, you can use a guest blogger as a chance to stretch your writing muscles and take a day off.
    • You can reach a new audience. A guest blogger brings their own readers and fans, which can be vastly different from your own. Hopefully, a few will stick around and join your community.
    • It’s good networking. Guest blogging is a great opportunity to get to know someone, and explore future collaborative opportunities.
    • You can get some ideas for new material. Unless your guest blogger is contributing a series of posts on the same topic, the post can serve as a lauchpad for a few related posts of your own.
    • Give your readers a chance to participate. Putting out an open call for guest bloggers lets the people who appreciate your writing best – your readers – have a chance for some hands-on involvement.
    • You may have a reciprocal opportunity. Your guest blogger may be open to having you contribute to their blog, which gives you the opportunity to double many of the benefits outlined here.

    Tips for Finding a Guest Blogger

    Sounds appealing, doesn’t it? If you’re ready to give a guest a chance to contribute, here are some tips for finding the perfect guest blogger for your blog (and making it a smooth experience).

    • Ask a colleague, fellow blogger or other contact to contribute
    • Create a “become a guest blogger” page
    • Write a post about your search for a guest blogger
    • Offer some benefits, like a full writer profile, photo, links, etc.
    • Plug the opportunity in social media
    • Go to the frequent commenters
    • Outline your requirements clearly up front
    • Try a blog networking service, like Blogger LinkUp
    • Search a community website or forum for your topic
    • Put out a open call in any professional organizations or networking groups you belong to
    • Give the provider of a review product a chance to share their product/service in their own words
    • Make it an easy, worthwhile experience for the guest blogger
    • Request posts on very specific topics
    • Start an interview or profile category to highlight guest bloggers
    • Give the guest blogger multiple backlink opportunities
    • Promote the heck out of your guest posts

      Do you write solo or open up the floor for contributors? What are some of the benefits you’ve seen?

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