Automating Your Front-end Workflow with Yeoman 1.0

Sam Deering

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Name Automating Your Front-end Workflow with Yeoman 1.0 (Addy Osmani)
Description Taken from 2013’a Future of Web Apps – – Addy Osmani (Google) joined us to discuss Automating your Front-end Workflow’. rnrnWriting a modern web app these days can sometimes feel like a tedious process; frameworks, boilerplates, abstractions, dependency management, build processes..the list of requirements for a front-end workflow appears to grow each year. What if however, you could automate a lot of this? This session introduces you to the Yeoman workflow, a combination of three tools working in harmony to keep you productive on the front-end. Whether you’re using JavaScript or CoffeeScript, RequireJS or script tags, this workflow can help you spend less time on process and more time on what matters – building great web apps. We will walk-through how to use Yo – a scaffolding tool for creating apps, Bower – a package manager for client-side dependency management and Grunt – a popular task-based build tool.
Tags Tech
Target Skill Level intermediate
Author Profile Future Insights
Published 2014-02-14 11:01:32