Answering 3 Common Questions about Our 5-for-1 Sale

By Shayne Tilley

ribbon-largeWe’ve received a few questions regarding our 5-for-1 sale, but three main topics keep cropping up. I hope this helps to make it clear.

What exactly am I getting with this sale?

When you order five books, you’ll receive three digital formats to download: PDF, EPUB, and MOBI. So in a way, you’re really getting 15 books. Five of our books are available in PDF format only; these books were created in a different application to the majority of our titles. Translating these titles to the new formats will happen later. We’ve included a little PDF-only icon in the top-right corner of each book’s  cover on the landing page so that it’s clear. It’s also worth noting that this is all about ebooks, not print books. It’s simply impossible financially for SitePoint to print five books for $30 — so it’s a deal I could never do.

Can I receive the new formats free if I already have the PDF version?

Just like you pay separately for print and pdf format books. These new epub and mobi formats are different to PDFs, and are not free. Originally, this 5-for-1 sale was scheduled for around September/October this year, but we chose to bring it forward due to the availability of the new formats. Basically, we wanted to give you all the cheap starting point to extend your collection of SitePoint books. When the sale is over we’ll return to normal pricing, and while we’re yet to finalize the exact details, prices will be in the range of $20-$30 for the three formats. We felt it was a fair compromise for the release of these new formats.

How do I get these books on my iPhone?

When we launched the deal, SitePoint staffer Andrew Tetlaw published a post and video on how to load your books on the Kindle and iPhone. We’ve realized that the level of detail, particularly for the iPhone, was a little short. So later today, Andrew’s going to release a more detailed set of instructions for the iPhone. I’ll update this post with a link when it’s published.

If you have any further questions please free to contact support.

  • purpleduck

    I buy Sitepoint books (paper and ebook) because I love the podcast and the blog. You have to realize how fragile that community can be. People will be seriously annoyed if you expect them to pay $20 more for every ebook they already own just to get it in a new format. Free or a couple of bucks would be okay, but not $20.

    I doubt that many people buy your ebooks at full price anyway. I haven’t. I assume that your pricing model is to sell the book/ebook bundle and to make the your sales look like a really good deal. I fall for it.

  • Steve

    The community is not fragile! I stand strong for SitePoint. The community has helped me immeasurably! Go, SitePoint!

  • Arpan Chinta

    I received an email recently from Manning mentioning that they have started offering books in epub format, and to let me know that I could download books I had previously purchased in the new format.

    Pragmagic programmers also allow you to download epub formats for all their ebooks, even books purchased a long time ago.

    I think that you should do the same.

  • ebook lover

    Agreed. It is a disgrace to repay for ebooks that you already own.

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