Another post about lousy service in the web design/dev field

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It sure would be great to go just one month without having to rant about the lousy service your colleagues (and perhaps YOU) provide, but frankly this seems unlikely.

I now have three web designers/developers working with me on this project, specifically to back up one that has become unreliable.

I found the other two after pouring through tons of responses from a Craig’s List ad, most of which were great portfolios for music, fantasy, local floral stores, and pretty much anything but a professional business site — not to mention the most annoying, slowly downloading Flash intro pages.

Now the two new folks are starting and this is their first impression:

Designer One: I’ll take a look at your specs this weekend.
Me (on Monday): Did you look at the specs?
Designer One (Sounding depressed and hung over): No. The weekend was really busy and I’m finishing up something now. Give me an hour and I’ll call you back.
Me (Three hours later): Still waiting.

Me to Designer Two: When can I look at something?
Designer Two: I’m not sure. I’m trying.
Me: Trying what?
Designer Two: I’m trying to work on it as fast as I can.
Me: Right. When can I look at something?
Designer Two: I’ll email you as soon as I have something….

Look: I want to know that I am a priority. I want to know when I can expect to see something. If you can’t tell me that because you are so creative, at least tell me that you are working on it, that my business is an important priority to you, and then ask me when I want to see something.

Otherwise, I could care less about who I hire, and will treat you all as commodities, a dime a dozen.

By the way, this does not apply to one designer I work with, who you might know as RaveDesigns on Sitepoint. He is prompt, professional, and responsive, and I refer him to my clients again and again, and keep working with him.

So it’s not 100%, but it sure is pervasive!

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