Another Database Joins Open Source

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As many of you probably already saw today, CA (Computer Associates) joined the open source fray by announcing plans to release the core of their Ingres database code under an open source license.

Interestingly, CA is not using the dual license structure that MySQL uses – which is of you distribute MySQL in your application and it is free – then MySQL is free. If you build a proprietary application and distribute MySQL – you have to pay.

CA only will require developers to share changes they make directly to Ingres, with no concern over any apps built on top of the db platform.

According to an interview with Maurice Donegan, director of product marketing for databases at Computer Associates International, with eWeek, the company is reviewing the entire codebase to insure no borrowed or non-CA code is in the release. This will limit any risk to users whod ownload and use Ingres from potential future lawsuits.

I find it interesting that companies of substantial size are moving toward the open source arena, even if with ancillary applications. This reinforces the notion that Linux and open source are gaining traction in traditional corporate markets. Companies that are heavily leveraged in the enterprise do not simply leap into the open source space for no reason.

Of course, these entrants do not necessarily come with charitable intentions. They want to make money in doing business with Linux.

See the full eWeek story here.

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