All’s Quiet on the CF Front…

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This week was strangely quiet. Nothing much on the frameworks front; Open BlueDragon and Railo kept to themselves. Hmmm, looks like everyone is heads down coding… let’s see what they’ve got for us.

Code n’ Concepts

Are you a fan of nested sets to represent tree structures in your database? Nested Set Trees – a ColdFusion library for managing the various operations involved – has hit version 0.8.

SQL Injection attacks still bugging you? Simon Whatley has posted on how to fix an SQL Injection hack, and also how to protect against a malicious attack in the first place (hat tip to Steve Bryant). You know what they say about prevention being better than cure… Peter Boughton has released an Eclipse IDE plugin called QueryParam Scanner which looks through code to find and report on queries with unprotected input parameters. No excuses now – lock down that code!


Some bad news UK developers: UK conference CFDevCon has been canned.

Some good news for UK developers: A Wee Dram of Scotch – a one day conference from the Scotch on the Rocks team – has been announced for September 25 in London (hat tip to Andy Jarrett).

While we’re on conferences, the four tracks for cf.Objective() 2009 have been announced (hat tip to Nic Tunney).

So that’s it? Really? Tell me people, did I miss something? Leave a comment, tag for:kay.smoljak on or email kay at smoljak dot com with all the juicy goss.

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