Adobe to Release Free Media Player Framework

By Craig Buckler
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Adobe StrobeAdobe Strobe has been announced for Q3 2009. The company will offer a free open framework that they hope will establish an industry standard for web-based media players. The toolkit will offer components found in Adobe Flash Media Server, including:

  • dynamic streaming
  • digital video recorder functionality to pause and rewind live video
  • progressive delivery support, and
  • monetisation opportunities.

Developers will be able to use Strobe components to add features such as advertising, user tracking and social network integration without needing to code the functionality directly into the player. will be providing the hosting and distribution services and they will help content creators monetize their videos in new ways.

Jim Guerard, vice president and general manager of Dynamic Media at Adobe stated:

By providing all the key components for online video player development, the Strobe framework will drastically save time for media companies who don’t want to start the process from scratch.

The momentum we’re seeing with Strobe demonstrates the real need for an open framework that lets these companies focus on developing, delivering and monetizing content rather than on the nuts and bolts of video player development. We are working closely with leading Flash Media Solution providers in the content and video infrastructure space to fast-forward media player development and ensure even more great content can be delivered online.

Over 20 web video publishers and advertising networks will support Strobe when it is launched including, Akamai,, Brightcove, CDNetworks, Digitalsmiths, Eyewonder, GlanceGuide, Grab Networks, Incited Media, iStreamplanet, KickApps, Level 3 Communications, Limelight Networks, Multicast Media, Nielsen, Omniture, Panache, PointRoll, ScanScout, Thumbplay, Visible Measures, and YuMe.

Flash is already the most dominent web video delivery software on the web. By offering a free video player toolkit to developers, Adobe will be re-asserting that dominance further.

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We teamed up with SiteGround
To bring you the latest from the web and tried-and-true hosting, recommended for designers and developers. SitePoint Readers Get Up To 65% OFF Now
  • Dan isn’t mentioned anywhere on Adobe’s site, including the partner’s section. Where are you getting that will be supplying the hosting features. Near as I can tell, there are no hosting features.

  • glenngould

    @Craig: How this will affect existing flash-based media players like JW Player, what’s your opinion?

  • Anonymous

    adobe knows to maximize their product well with their player compared to JW player. JW is i think an independent developer. I’de better stick with adobe strobe bec its from the makers itself and its free.

    afaik, it wont affect JW player big time as of now.

  • @Dan
    Hi – is mentioned in the Adobe Strobe press release. You might be able to get that on the web somewhere?

    How Strobe will work remains to be seen. Reading between the lines, I suspect it will allow you to create a player that could replace JW. However, there will always be room for bespoke players based on functionality Adobe don’t implement.

    Let’s wait and see…

  • Tarh

    user tracking

    *Ugh* More reasons to see Adobe as an enemy of the users. Luckily, Firefox has already solved this problem with an addon. It looks like, since they’re standardizing this, it will only be a matter of time before we get another addon (or even an application) to remove the advertisements, too.

  • Avinash

    hey guys,
    RAIsoft Total Media Player is one of the best and well known media players…..its also known to its Youtube and Live Tv feature….