5 Quick Tips to Improve Your jQuery

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Today I thought I would share, a quick 5 tips to improve your jQuery. Enjoy.

1. Familiarise yourself with some common jQuery Errors

There is a post on the blog I update with heaps of jQuery errors, what caused them and solutions to the Common jQuery Errors. Impress your mates next time they ask you to look a JavaScript error they have no idea about.

2. Learn a new JavaScript Object Pattern

Take a look at the JavaScript Module Pattern and how it can be used to keep your private API separate from your public API. It’s a better approach than simple JavaScript namespacing.

3. Learn some Shorthand JavaScript

Learn some quick JavaScript shorthand coding techniques to speed up things such as variable declarations and logical operations.

4. Learn how to analyse HTTP requests

Learn how to analyse HTTP requests by using the Firebug NetPanel or Http fox to check http requests on js files and other includes to speed up your page loading times.

5. Start Using Sublime 2 IDE

In my opinion Sublime 2 text editor is the chief when it comes to web development especially JavaScript, so install Sublime 2 and get started.

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