5 Places To Find Design Inspiration For Your Site Offline

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The web is a super-duper place to find inspiration. There are numerous sites that collect web designs, photographs, illustrations and graphic designs but there comes a time when you just have to knock off your computer and back away. If you’re like most designers, you’re probably always on the look out for inspiration so just get up and go outside and get some.

1. Nature

Mother Nature gives us the original and best color palettes, whether its Autumn leaves, green fields or turquoise blue sea and sky. Take your camera or your phone and snap away. Later on you can use Photoshop or an app like Kuler to extract a color scheme.

Image by Gerard Schuur
2. Architecture

Just about every building you see has been designed by someone. Look at their structure, the repetition, the texture of the building materials and their colors.

Image by JackFre2

3. Art Museums

Whether it’s one of the world’s biggest museums or your local art gallery, you’ll find wonderful examples of color theory, composition, concepts and eye candy to feast your eyes on.

Image by Alice Marie Design
4. The Library

If you don’t have a library ticket, get one. Many libraries today are not just about books, you can often borrow music, video and even works of art to bring home. It might seem as if everything is already on the web, but there is a lot of joy to be had by sitting down with a nice big design or art book on your lap. And don’t forget the book covers, which are often the reason why we’ll first pick up a book. They are perfect examples of visual communication. A combination of text and imagery, just like on the web.

Image by Roeven
5. Cinema

I love the cinema. It’s hard to beat a bit of escapism. There’s also the opening titles which can sometimes be better than the actual film, but the whole sense of grandeur, ideas and imagination that make up a movie can be very inspiring in many aspects as well as informing what we can do on the web.

Image by Midnight Digital

There’s a whole world out there full of interesting design, so turn off your computer and go outside and take some inspiration and some fresh air. (You can come back later to read more Sitepoint posts).

Do you find inspiration in these places? Where else do you find inspiration offline?

Jennifer FarleyJennifer Farley
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Jennifer Farley is a designer, illustrator and design instructor based in Ireland. She writes about design and illustration on her blog at Laughing Lion Design.

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