5 jQuery Number Animation Plugins

Sam Deering
Sam Deering

Today we are sharing you our collection of 5 jQuery Number Animation plugins. These plugins simply have “number animation” effects with jQuery which adds a nice touch. Enjoy!

1. (Roundabout) Point Counter

It’s ready-to-go straight out of the box, but if you want to get crazy, Roundabout is highly-customizable with an extensive API that allows for some pretty amazing results.
Point Counter
Source + Demo

2. Apple-Style Counter

This counter did not actually track the number of iTunes downloads, but is an example of how to create a similar counter for your own purposes.
Apple-Style Counter

3. jQuery Knob

It is a nice, downward compatible, touchable, jQuery dial
jQuery Knob
Source + Demo

4. jOdometer

A jQuery counter that works like an odometer: moving the numbers up like in a wheel!

5. Jquery Number Ticker

The script is flexible and adjusts to the number of digits in the number. It also adds commas to properly format the number. The ticker is animated with jQuery which adds a nice touch.
Jquery Number Ticker