4 Twitter Tools to Make Your Followers Happy

Alyssa Gregory
Alyssa Gregory

There are a lot of Twitter apps out there for managing your account, tracking and sorting followers, using lists, and enhancing your ability to market your business. New apps pop up daily, and the lists just keep on growing.

I’ve done a few posts on these various Twitter tools, typically focused on extending the way you use Twitter and helping you get more out of it as a participant. For example:

Today, instead of focusing on apps that only benefit you directly, I dug up a few tools focused on making your followers happy. Here are a few of the best tools your followers can use (or you can use for your followers) to improve the Twitter experience.

Link Different

Link Different allows you to check if a link has already appeared in your followers’ streams so you can provide fresh content and keep your followers engaged. To use the tool, you install a bookmarklet and click it from any page before sharing the link with your followers.


Muuter lets you mute Twitter users individually by manually selecting a user, or automatically by identifying keywords. Although the service actually unfollows the muted party from your account for a specific period of time and then refollows them, it works like simply muting someone with the benefit of not forgetting to refollow later on. You can use Direct Messages from any app or device, including SMS, to initiate a mute.


Tweetizen is a web-based tool designed to help you filter the daily influx of tweets, and find the ones that are relevant to you. You can use Tweetizen to create Twitter groups, filter tweets and invite others to join your group. You can also embed your groups on your own website and blog.


twtQpon allows you to create a Twitter coupon to share with your followers. This can be a great way to promote a product or service by providing followers with an incentive to purchase. To use the service, create an coupon on the twtQpon site, and a tweet goes out with a link that takes people back to your website to redeem the coupon.

What follower-focused app would you add to the list?