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30 Delicious Logos for Chocolate Brands

By Tara Hornor

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First of all, I just have to say I LOVE chocolate. But what girl doesn’t?! I had a lot of fun researching this series and ate plenty of chocolate along the way. These logos are all about chocolate, and they’re sure to get your mouth watering. From drippy, gooey designs to the classic crests, you’ll find a little of everything here.

One theme that stuck out to me was the choice of colors. Obviously, you’re going to see a lot of rich browns, but what amazed me was the variance in the shades used. I also noticed a great deal of scripted fonts — from signature-esque designs to flowing, gooey fonts.

A few of the following chocolate logos I could see engraved on packaging for chocolate bars. Others seemed best for business cards or other identity packaging designs around. And then, I just really couldn’t see the tie to chocolate on several brands, but I included them because of the great designs. Be sure to let me know your thoughts on these, and enjoy the chocolate splurge!


Hershey’s Chocolate

Ghirardelli Chocolate



Cadbury Chocolate


Custom Chocolate Company

Chocolate Bar

Jacek Chocolate Couture


Fruit Chocolate

Chocolate Chip Cookie Company

Dita’s Chocolates

Bona Chocolate

Lola’s Sweet Designs

Olive and Sinclair Chocolate

Pastry Shop Chocolate

H.S. Chocolate Co.

Luisa’s Chocolate

Chocolate City

Haigh’s Chocolates



Chocolate Marketplace

Chocolate Chat Atlanta

My Swiss Chocolate

Melt Chocolate Lounge

  • Albert

    Great work

  • jollymoon

    drool, drool….

    I wish I could join the ranks of the “advanced” logo league

  • Derek (UK Web Designer)

    WOW! What an excellent collection of logos. It shows how important a logo can be and what image they portray. Some shout “classy, quality, luxury, pricey” – whilst others say “fun, fast and everyday”…. My favourite is the retro looking Olive and Sinclair.

    • Tara Hornor

      The Olive and Sinclair one is quite impressive, isn’t it? Who knew that chocolate could be so retro? :)

  • Sherri

    Hi Tara, I love chocolate too (who doesn’t??) but you forgot The Dilettante in Seattle.

    They have a cool logo, but you HAVE to try their Ephemere Truffles!!! OMG!!!
    And no, I’m not affiliated with the store or family in any way. Just lived near there for many years!

    • Tara Hornor


      Beautiful chocolate logo and brand from Dilettante! It looks pretty enough for me to be curious to try some of the chocolate…maybe those truffles you mentioned. :)

  • matei

    Nice collection of logos.

  • Ceba

    Cadbury and Fruit Chocolate both are beautiful and mind blowing logos, Yummy. Great Inspiration.

  • Linda Elliott

    I like ChocBite!

    • Tara Hornor

      Nice chocolate logo! I love it…and I love the idea of choosing your own chocolate bar creation. Thanks for sharing!

  • Workz (Singapore Web Design)

    Nice selections of unique logos.

  • Aparate sudura

    Very nice and elegant logos. Too bad that the biggest names have the worst ingredients :(

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