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15+ New jQuery Plugins November 2013

By Sam Deering



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These plugins are new or have been updated in November 2013. Some are really worth checking out. Have Fun! =)

1. FreeWall

FreeWall is all-in-one solution for creating dynamic grid layouts for desktop, mobile and tablet.


2. jQuery MiniColors

A tiny color picker built on jQuery.

Source + Demo

3. Sticky-Kit

provides an easy way to attach elements to the page when the user scrolls such that the element is always visible.

Source + Demo

4. Maplace.Js

helps you to embed Google Maps into your website, quickly create markers and controls menu for the locations on map.

Source + Demo

5. jQuery Tokeninput

A jQuery plugin which allows your users to select multiple items from a predefined list, using autocompletion as they type to find each item. You may have seen a similar type of text entry when filling in the recipients field sending messages on facebook.

Source + DemoMore demos

6. Reflection.js 2.0

Allows you to add reflections to images on your webpages. It uses unobtrusive javascript to keep your code clean.

Source + Demo

7. stickUp

A simple plugin that “sticks” an element to the top of the browser window while scrolling past it, always keeping it in view. This plugin works on multi-page sites, but has additional features for one-pager layouts.

Source + Demo

8. Turn.JS

A JavaScript library that will make your content look like a real book or magazine using all the advantages of HTML5.

Source + Demo

9. Lazy Load

Is delays loading of images in long web pages. Images outside of viewport are not loaded until user scrolls to them. This is opposite of image preloading.


10. jquery.cookie

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A simple, lightweight jQuery plugin for reading, writing and deleting cookies.


11. mBOX

Full screen lightbox jQuery Plugin


12. Bootstrap Form Helpers

It is a collection of jQuery plugins to help you build better forms. The plugins can be used individually but some of them work together like Countries and States.

Source + Demo

13. Exposure jQuery Plugin

It is an image viewing plugin for the jQuery JavaScript library.


14. CollagePlus

This plugin for jQuery will arrange your images to fit exactly within a container. You can define the padding between images, give the images css borders and define a target row height.


15. nanoGALLERY

Simplistic to use image gallery plugin for jQuery, supporting multi-level navigation and Flickr/Picasa/Google+ storage among others.

Source + Demo


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Sam Deering has 15+ years of programming and website development experience. He was a website consultant at Console, ABC News, Flight Centre, Sapient Nitro, and the QLD Government and runs a tech blog with over 1 million views per month. Currently, Sam is the Founder of Crypto News, Australia.

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