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10 Ultimate jQuery WordPress Plugins

Sam Deering
We all know that WordPress is mostly considered as the best blog CMS (Content Management System) script today. And I believe that’s true, it’s easy to use and easy to get along with. Well, what could be more of it if we integrate it with the all beauty and mighty jQuery? If combined, these two would be impossible to beat in terms of graphical related areas. jQuery is well known for it’s cool and eye catchy effects and WordPress is considered the best blog CMS. Recently, I’ve come across to different websites and scraped some of the best jQuery plugin tailored for WordPress. So here they are!

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1. WP Wall

This plugin will allow your reader to add a comment quickly about the blog they’re reading. Hence, the comment will appear on the sidebar without refreshing the page. All of the comments are handled by WordPress internally, just like normal comments.


2. jQuery Light Box

This is a very cool jQuery plugin that when a user clicks for the associated image, the background will be dimmed black and the image will be enlarged at the center.


3. insights

Write your blog posts in a powerful way. By the help of AJAX interface, it will increase the quality of your posts.


4. WP-Imagefit

Instead of relying on a CSS or HTML on resizing big image, this will rely on JavaScript to proportionately resize images.


5. Snazzy Archives

Display all of your posts in a fancy way! This plugin offers great visualizations for your WordPress posts.


6. Apple Flashy Sidebar

Create an accordion plugin in jQuery UI to get a similar sidebar like Apple Startpage.


7. Live Blogroll

Make your old Blogroll lively with this plugin. This will show recent posts for each of the link in your Blogroll with the aide of AJAX. RSS feed will automatically discovered when a user mouse above the links.


8. GD Star Rating Plugin

This is a well known jQuery Rating plugin for wordpress. This will also allow you to integrate ratings into comments, posts and pages.


9. J Post Slider

Rotate latest posts from blog presented with selected image, post headline and excerpt with this plugin.


10. jQuery Comment Preview

This is for users to preview their comments without refreshing the page with html editor as their comment field.