10 Random jQuery Plugins

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Today we are giving you another set of Random jQuery plugins. Surely, with these in your designer arsenal, your creations will stand out more than ever before. Have fun!

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1. Skrollr

Parallax scrolling for the masses.
Source + Demo

2. Pivot.js

Great table plugin, offering dynamic filtering based on field name, add/remove fields, pagination, quick live search filtering and standard order by. Excellent plugin bit buggy on chrome.
Source + Demo

3. jquery.pep.js

Was built out of a need for kinetic drag support for both mobile and desktop devices (click & drag). It uses the best of jQuery’s animate functions along with CSS3 animations to bring full-blown kinetic drag that works on all HTML5-ready devices.

4. Fixie.js

An open source tool that automatically adds filler content to HTML documents.

5. Flare

A responsive mobile-friendly lightbox jquery plugin. It also allows fullscreen playback of the 4 video types shown opposite.
Source + Demo

6. craftyslide

Aims to be different, by providing a simple, no-frills method of displaying images; packaged into a small, clean and efficient plugin.
Source + Demo

7. jQuery Resize and Crop (jrac)

A jQuery plugin that build a viewport around a given image permitting to visually resize an image and place a crop.
Source + Demo

8. jQuery Mapz

This plugin lets you create draggable image maps (which means there are no image dimension limits).
jQuery Mapz

9. Notification Center – 4 Notification Types

Is a jQuery plugin that facilitates the process of creating and managing notifications within an application.
Notification Center

10. Rocking and Rolling Rounded Menu with jQuery

Learn how to create a menu with little icons that will rotate when hovering. Also, we will make the menu item expand and reveal some menu content, like links or a search box.
Rounded Menu with jQuery

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