10 Lovely Heart-Shaped Logos

Gabrielle Gosha

Symbols play a strong a role in the creative process and can make or break a visual design. Today, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, the symbol that we’ll study is the heart. The heart is symbolic for many things, including love, goodwill, happiness, and health.

Using hearts in sentimental designs is a timeless tradition that has taken many forms over the years. From the simple inclusion of the heart to using words and images to create the iconic shape, the heart shape is extremely versatile and can be used to make some truly creative logos. If you are looking for some heart-shaped inspiration, then you have come to the right place. Here are 10 lovely heart-shaped logos to inspire you.

Kira Lauren Photography


The Kira Lauren Photography logo doesn’t just feature a single, simple heart shape and call it a day. The strategic placement of the hearts creates a star-like image that stands out on a gorgeous gradient background.

Consummate Pet


Consummate Pet’s logo truly exemplifies their slogan (“Your Pet. Our Passion.”) by using the silhouettes of animals to create a heart.

INCOR – Instituto de Coração


The relation to the heart and health is clearly illustrated in this simple but cleverly-shaped stethoscope logo for INCOR.



Clearly, a play on the French word “pomme” (which translates to “apple”), Pom’Box’s logo is creatively conceived of three purposefully-placed apples within a brown box to form a heart.



Lovetoknow is another logo design that plays off of the name by simply taking the design of a brain and shaping it into a heart for an visually descriptive outcome.

Lionheart Health


A more detailed logo design, the Lionheart Health logo creates a pseudo-stone relief effect by placing two sketched roaring lion heads and turning them towards each other to form a symmetrical heart.

Natures Heart

Natures Heart

The Natures Heart logo strays from conventional romantic colors and sticks to earthy tones to correlate with the term “nature” while using the images of leaves to form a heart.

Human Earth


Human Earth’s logo uses hands, which are a typical symbol for humanitarian organizations. They take the hands further by drawing them so that they create a heart.

Merge Heart


The interweaving strips that merge together to create a heart personifies the company name (“merge”). They also stand out wonderfully on a black background.

Game Lover


Game Lover’s logo cleverly creates a 3D heart in a style reminiscent to early video game graphics, which is very effective for their purposes.


As you can see, the heart is a shape that can be used to display other emotions besides typical romantic love, and with a touch of creativity, you can have people looking at the heart symbol in a different light. For those interested in using the heart in their next logo design, remember that experimenting with shapes and placement is important. Best of luck on your next design project; I hope your clients love it!