10 jQuery LightBox Plugins

Sam Deering
Sam Deering
Today we listed 10 jQuery lightbox plugins to get your media displaying elegantly on your website without the need to load a new window, images and videos can load in a pop up style window which overlays on your current page.

magnific Responsive Popup Lightbox

1. piroBox

This is an advanced version of pirobox, I implemented a few things more than the previous version. One of the most important things is the ability to open any kind of files, from inLine content to the swf files, from simple images to PDF files. Other things are: automatic image resizing and drag and drop.

2. ReMooz – Lightbox based on Moo tools

It enables how your visitors browse through content, such as thumbnail images and HTML.

3. Redbox – A rails compatible lightbox

This new release breaks backward compatibility for one of the helper methods, and most of the JavaScript (although you probably weren’t accessing the JS directly).

4. Interstitial Content Box

This is an Interstitial Box script that uses Ajax to fetch and display the contents of external pages on your server as an interstitial.

5. YUI Based Lightbox Final

This is a new release YUI based lightbox. In addition to the navigation, numerous new features have been added and bugs have been fixed.

6. Suckerfish HoverLightbox

Being that Suckerfish, Hoverbox, and Lighbox were all written in an organized and straightforward fashion, combining them was fairly simple. I left the JavaScript files controlling the Suckerfish and Lightbox separate for organizational sake, and also used a separate stylesheet to control the Suckerfish and Lightbox style.

7. Leopard Desktop with jQuery using jqDock

In this tutorial I’ll teach you how to use jQuery to create a completely coded Dashboard, just like Leopard. This can be handy in hiding a whole lot of gadgets or widgets you don’t have space for.

8. GreyBox jQuery Lightbox

Can be used to display websites, images and other content in a beautiful way.

9. Slimbox 2

A 4 KB visual clone of the popular Lightbox 2 script by Lokesh Dhakar, written using the jQuery JavaScript library. It was designed to be very small, efficient, standards-friendly, fully customizable, more convenient and 100% compatible with the original Lightbox 2.

10. Visual jQuery LightBox

> Flickr & Photobucket support
> jQuery plugin or Prototype extension
> Floating and smooth cross-fade transition
> Slideshow with autostart option
> Windows & MAC version
> XHTML compliant
> Zoom effect with overlay shadow
> Rounded corners of overlay window
> Large images fit to browser window
> A lot of nice gallery themes
> Image rotating and hi-quality image scaling with anti-aliasing
> Automatic thumbnail creation
> Adding caption
> Built-in FTP