How long would it take you to design and develop these sites?

So this is pretty abstract question and no need to think too hard about it. I’m not looking for a quote or estimate. I’m just trying to gauge people’s experience with how quickly they believe they can accomplish a task.

What level of experience do you think you have and how long do you think it would take you to design and develop each site?


I’ve been taking a few days to develop and design a site and a part of me wishes I could just get this done a couple days. It will probably be another several days for me to get it perfect. It’s just my own portfolio site.

are they ur sites :rolleyes:

note: ive not clicked them btw :rolleyes:

no, not mine. i’m trying to develop something currently and am just getting frustrated at how long it’s taking me.

What is the standard you apply to judging how long things ought to take?

i don’t have an effective standard.

Then you have no reason to get upset at how long things take. Your standards are based on wish thinking at this point.

How long other people take to do something is also unimportant, all depends on complexity, how often a person has done a certain thing, how fast a learner a person is.

Well, in that regard I’m trying to gauge how fast others are at learning and how they would gauge the complexity of those two sites. I’d like to work myself up to a certain point where I can get things done faster.

I’ve spent two days trying some jquery/css/blueprint css/wordpress/custom field thing and man, i’ve got nothing to show for it now. it’s disappointing.

That struggle is normal though. It takes a long time to learn the complex ins and outs of building a site. Two days is not all that long really. It takes month if not years for many things to really sink in. Try to tackle one problem at a time until you got that so you can repeat it all on your own. Then go to the next issue. Be kind to yourself, just because other people might be progressing faster (which I doubt), gage your progress only by yourself and how you have learned before.

Speed will come with knowledge, but even then, new problems crop up and you have to learn again. Try to love learning :slight_smile: It is a constant requirement in this field.

Well, I wish I could do this entirely on the basis of fun right now… but I’m also on the job hunt so I feel a sense of urgency. I may have to be more patient though.

Yes indeed, pressure to a degree is a good thing, but that should not whip you into a frenzy of unrealistic expectations. You will only become sloppy and make mistakes that settle themselves into you and are hard to eliminate later on. Just acknowledge that you are not where you want to be at this point in time :slight_smile:

Employers who are smart can detect potential you know :slight_smile:

To give you an idea, I have an incredible designer who could do this in 1 day for design, and a different person that would code it all in a day. Each of them has 6 years experience. The designer specializes in design and some coding, and the coder does little design and heavy coding.

Ever considering just doing design and teaming up with a hardcore coder? “Self sufficiency is the road to poverty” -Adam Smith

Graphic Design, coding templates and implementing in a cms would take me a minimum of a week. Design takes time - so even if you knew the technologies inside and out - a week is very minimum estimate.

Without wanting to put you off - Learning the processes and technologies needed to create a site of that standard took me years, not days. You may be a faster learner than me though - everyone starts somewhere and you can find all the help you need on this site, so if you are serious about wanting to learn the trade - you’re in the right place :slight_smile:

Well, it’s partly a matter of getting my gears turning. I haven’t actively looked for a developer although I have been trying to find someone to work with on some level. Pff. No one is getting in touch with me. I don’t get it. It’s like they all just want to go solo, which I can understand but… I don’t know. I’m under the impression we (me and some imaginary other person) could be making more money if we teamed up.

I used to be able to really do strong design work but my left/right brain shift requires a long intermission.

I’ve been basically shoving jquery and wordpress books and documents through my nostrils. Unfortunately I have this weird learning pattern where I don’t thoroughly understand things until months after I stopped learning it. Until that time I’m just an artful hack – which I say with pride.

The thing is, even the best designer doesn’t know everything, it takes most of us years to get enough skill to be able to “turn the corner” on learning on the edge to knowing enough about enough to be able to code on our own steam. Trying to pack tonnes of stuff into a short space of time will just justify the holes in your knowledge rather than give you a sign of improvement. If you want to get a job in a certain field, why not go with what skills you already have rather than trying to become a master of none? Even if you could learn some general skills in certain areas, they would soon crumble when requests appear for specialist stuff which is beyond what you know, and the worst thing you can do is go over your own ability to produce something substandard.

Well, you may be right. I do follow the jack of all trades philosophy pretty heavily and I’m still not sure what that means for me. However my real skill is in fine arts and music. I can’t pay rent with that… so it’s my web design past-time instead.

I am a fine artist as well. (To the uninitiated fine art does not mean graphics and web design but creating images or sculptures that contain philosophical ideas) The problem I found particular to being an artist is that as such a person I am product oriented and want to control every little aspect of the product (piece of art). That of course is the quintessential aspect of my art, but if I do not have enough buyers of this art I create because there are too few people who mirror themselves in my work or too many people who see themselves reflected in the way art is done today, I must resort to finding another thing where I can apply my skills and make a living. I have thought about this a lot. Today’s art is not what we know from previous centuries any longer. Art is now movies, videos, it is made by collaboration of many disciplines.

That of course requires relinquishing some control and delegating which goes against your nature because you have learned to be always in control. But you must give it up if you want to work in the business of web design, as you would if you worked in any other job of design, unless you are the driving force in your own company. And as PinItUp.Net quotes here, there is a lot of merit to this:

Trust me. I know. I’ve looked for other people to work with. Found no one interested or available so far. I’m still looking.

You can make money from art (at least digital art), if you are willing to make the transition you could easily find a job as a graphic artist or become involved in stock photography (something similar). Even music can sell online, plenty of people create stock music and sell it as sound loops or royalty free media. :slight_smile:

I’ve looked into it. My best bet is my “artwork” although I feel hesitant to peddle it out as stock material. Also, I think it’s best for fashion magazines and that kind of material (as has been suggested to me). Do they offer that kind of material on the stock images websites? I guess I haven’t checked.

well, it looks like they do, at least istockphoto. i just assumed it was only photographs and traditional illustration. hm.

Some stock photography gets licensed for work in magazines yes. You would be surprised the high brow organisations who make use of stock images from places like getty and the like. It’s not just limited to newspapers and magazines, television shows borrow heavily from stock sites on occasion too (same for advertising, web designs and even films), if the work is of a high enough quality, there’s no limits to your potential audience. :slight_smile: