How long does it take you to design a homepage?

Hi to all of my fellow web designers, I’m glad I found a forum for web designers. First of all, I graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and don’t have any background regarding with designs at all. It is just that I envy those designers who designs amazing, cool, and jaw-dropping web designs that’s why I decided to become a web designer and been working as a web designer for over 8 months now.

Im just wondering how long does it take you guys to design a homepage? Honestly, it takes me 4 to 6 hours to design one, but still having a hard time to design beautiful web designs and sometimes I feel down when Im just staring in my monitor screen and nothing is coming into my mind:(. I just can’t give up with my career as it really became my passion. And maybe you guys could me some helpful tips? I’d be grateful for your help.

Vhin Manansala


looks like you need to work more on concept building rather than designing. Time depends upon the concept and it may take 3 hours to 2 days to get the final stunning design. More practical, simpler and minimal design you make, more in demand you get. I personally love following Peep Laja at blog for his great help. Sixrevisions offer great articles on designs and inspirations too.

Hope this helps you too.


Every page is different, and usually the purpose of the page will determine it’s design and overall appearance. This is why website templates have the same cookie-cutter look. Without having a specific client, there is no way to design an individualistic page.
When I build a page for a client, the homepage design takes about 30 minutes. Coding and linking might take another hour or so. All the subpages flow from that design.

Are you asking about a design mock-up (ie, creating it in photoshop), or coding it?

Hello buddy don’t get disturbed for this.My thought is you need some more experience in this field.Nothing can be learn easily.As Chilling Breeze says you should work more on concept.Once your familiar with it you can build any website easily and quickly.

I think he asked a design -up on photoshop. :slight_smile:

Kind of as imillard said, the way to get past “design block” (to coin a term, perhaps) is to forget about the look of the site first and look at the content—that is, what the site needs to say. Study this content and work out how that content would best be organized, such that visitors can easily understand what the site is about and where everything is. If you work from this perpective, you will establish a basic layout of elements and a wireframe—and from that point, it’s not hard to dress it up a bit to look nice.

Home page design is most important task for any website because it is the main page or the Face of the website. Home page designing duration depends on your project and business need which will take minimum 4 hours and maximum 2 days or more. The home page is the first interactive page with the user which will create an impression in the users’ mind about your business service and reputation. Hence, it is necessary to create a user interface home page design which looks good and simple to read the business goals and vision .

Hello guys, thanks for all your replies. Been busy this whole week and barely have time to visit the thread I started. I’m good with organizing the web content however, coming up with a good concept for the design is where I’m having a difficulties sometimes. How do you guys think of a concept with your designs?

Hi imillard, you’re right. having a client without specific needs is really a pain especially when having revisions in the design. I had a design project recently which design took 11 revisions

There is one ‘secret’ that designers seldom talk about. As far as the client is concerned, you are THE expert. When you choose a layout, color set and overall graphic impression - that should be it. Done. You have made your decision, and the client goes with it. They will have input on text content - mostly for legal reasons - but you are the marketing expert.

You have looked at their product line and market position, and determined that your design will best speak to the potential customer. Yes, you are an outsider to the company, and that’s precisely the point. You can stand back and make an objective evaluation. Nobody knows better than you. Not the executive vice-president, not some opinionated salesman, and certainly not the owners wife… who really wanted a green background, and move that text box down there, and use this photo because her cousin took it, and… Don’t fall into that trap. As soon as you let that one little change in the door, you’ll spend all your time chasing another persons flawed vision.

I know this sounds counter-intuitive. The client should have the final say, but that doesn’t work. Go in to the next project with utter confidence. Make your position and expertise clear from the beginning, and hold your ground. Your life will be easier and the client will get better results from the page.

Here is a page designed by the client’s wife: Deers Leap It’s pretty bad, and does nothing to showcase the product - a rental cottage
Here is a page, designed by a business, for business: Paraflex Straightforward, effective and representative of the product.

Hi imillard, are you referring the revisions with this line above? correct me if im wrong.

Revisions can mean many things, depending on your experience.
I do not count text additions, corrections, product changes and other ‘regular maintenance’ as revisions.
To me, a revision is change of colors, moving sections around, redesigning the header, button bar or graphic content.

Once the client sees the page in operation they will often want to make additions and text changes, and that’s understandable. But when I show them the page mockup, such as Larry Hall the finished page will change little - if at all.

I do recommend that clients are prepared to change or substantially alter the page headers at least once a year, so repeat visitors will have additional reason to look around. Of course, that depends on the product or service.

i think average is 1-3 days although i dont work 8 hours a day most of the time and half of the time will be used on inspiration and research rather than photoshop.

If nothing comes into your head i suggest visiting for example. BUT be warned, a lot of the stuff there are promotional web sites and designes that werent approved by the client xD Even though it looks beautiful dont take it as example but rather try to find little something that might work for your project and adopt it partially if needed. Sometimes watching on other designs is the only way to get yourself going, especially if you are working under heavy load.

thanks lieto. I always thought designing homepage mock up with a concept should be done within 2 hours XD

I dont mean concept i mean finished design ready to be cut if approved with details etc

In my course at the minute we are learning about all of the stages of design… user centered design… sketching, brainstorming/spider diagrams, wireframing, grid systems… i used to be the same and open photoshop and look at a blank canvas and think “where do i start” but if you follow the proper procedure from start to finish there should never be a “blank canvas”… you will start laying out wireframes after considering content and user centered design, and then build up and up on the aesthetic quality of whats in front of you as the site evolves rather than just starting in photoshop and hoping to knock out a masterpiece

Time is not any big issue my buddy. Because time depends on concept and which type of design we have to create. Sometimes it takes 2-3 days for designing a single page. Dn’t demoralize yourself that you take so much time. Make your mind creative and concentrate , you will surely became a mastermind in this field. All the best.

I think if I design in Photoshop, it takes me 5 hours to complete a nice design.

first u gone through many webdesigns…and plan it what will come in home page, then collect pictures relavant to that…and design it with quickly 1 or 2 hr…