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  1. 4 jQuery Digital Signature Plugins

    There are plenty of ways to allow users to draw a signature in a browser window, many involving clever jQuery plugins. Everything is going digital and this is the future we must all look forward to. Here are the best digital signature plugins I’ve found.

    1. jSignature

    A jQuery that simplifies creation of a signature capture field in a browser window, allowing a user to draw a signature using mouse, pen, or finger. Check out a demo.

    2. Signature Pad

    A jQuery plugin for assisting in the creation of an HTML5 canvas based signature pad. Records the drawn signature in JSON for later regeneration. Check out a demo.

  2. 6 of the Best Retina Display jQuery Plugins & Demos

    High-resolution displays are becoming more and more common, with all kinds of devices achieving the so-called “Retina display” level. Your sites and apps need to look good at these screen resolutions, so here are some plugins that can help.

    1. retina.js
    An open source script that makes it easy to serve high-resolution images to devices with retina displays.

  3. jQuery Grab-Bag: 10 New Plugins

    Whether you’re keen on using jQuery to display photos, chats, Instagram feeds, or lists, this grab-bag of recent jQuery plugins has something for everyone. 1. jQuery googleslides A jQuery plugin to display your Google Photos. 2. jquery.JamCity jquery.JamCity v. 2.0.0 3. ChatJS A full-featured, lightweight, Facebook style jQuery plugin for instant messaging. ChatJS also comes […]

  4. The Best Instagram jQuery Plugins

    Instagram is a photo sharing social network with a minimal web-presence and a focus on mobile. Using the service’s API, these jQuery plugins bring the sepia-toned network to the web.

    A jQuery plugin that lets you display your Instagram media to your website using Bootstrap Front-end styles and modal-plugin.

    2. SpectagramJS
    An easy-to-use jQuery plugin that uses the Instagram API to fetch and display user information and popular or tagged photo feeds inside your web application or site.

  5. My Top 5 jQuery Filter & Sort Plugins

    There are so many jQuery plugins for filtering and sorting, but here are five of my current favorites, which offer a variety of features and effects. 1. Isotope An exquisite jQuery plugin for magical layouts. Enables filtering, sorting, and dynamic layouts. 2. MixItUp A jQuery plugin providing animated filtering and sorting 3. TinySort A small […]

  6. Top 6 jQuery HTML5 Placeholder Plugins

    Here is a collection of useful placeholder plugins for jQuery. There are plenty out there but these are the best we’ve found, with plenty of features to suit any developer.

    1. Placeholdem

    A JavaScript plugin that animates placeholder carets on inputs and textareas. The placeholder value will incrementally delete on focus, and restore on blur.

    2. jQuery Label Better

    Label your form input like a boss with this plugin, using beautiful animations and without taking up space.

  7. 10 of the Best jQuery Mobile Device Plugins

    The mobile web grows in importance every year. Mobile access currently accounts for one in five web visits — by the end of 2014 it will exceed one in four, so it’s never been more important to make sure your site or web app play nicely on the mobile web. Here are some excellent jQuery plugins that will help.

    1. iosscripts
    A pair of touch-enabled, responsive jQuery content slider plugins – they come in both horizontal and vertical flavors.

    2. Slip.js
    Enables swiping and reordering lists of elements on touch screens, with no fuss. A tiny library by Kornel.

  8. 10 Social Sharing jQuery Plugins You May Have Missed

    There are no shortage of ways to encourage your users to share your content. Here are 10 of the best jQuery plugins to help you manage social sharing. 1. RRSSB Ridiculously Responsive Social Sharing Buttons. Check out a demo here. 2. Share Share is a jQuery plugin that generates simple, light, flexible, and good-looking share […]

  9. jQuery Grab-Bag: 10 New Plugins

    Whether it’s panoramic vistas, scatter plots or realistic-looking credit cards, this round-up of the best jQuery plugins uncovered in the last week should have something for everyone. 1. JQuery Panorama Viewer Embed panorama photos on your website with Panorama Viewer. A demo is here. 2. Skeuocard Skeuocard progressively enhances credit card inputs to provide a […]

  10. 10 New Random jQuery Plugins

    Today we are giving you another set of 10 Random jQuery Plugins because you can’t seem to get enough of them! This is one of the best lists we’ve done. Placeholem is pretty cool. Enjoy =) 1. jSignature A JavaScript widget (a jQuery plugin) that simplifies creation of a signature capture field in a browser […]