Anum is Web and Graphic designer. Addicted to Photoshop and crazy for pixel perfection. She is also an active blogger, sharing her passions, skills and creative details on her blog Websoulz. She loves to connect with the community, sharing the latest design gossips and rolling her eyes on boring trends.

Anum's articles

  1. Design a Product Mascot using Illustrator

    Mascots have become hugely popular across the web. Although they feel like a 50’s TV-era invention, they actually have their origins in a much earlier time than you’d guess.

    It was way back in the 1870’s that Quaker Oats trademarked ‘a man in Quaker garb’. And in the 1894’s, Michelin introduced ‘Bibendu’, the Michelin Man who is still the face of the company over 100 years later.

    Well designed characters can help establish a brand by giving it a more friendly, warm and inviting look.

    And since we use the social parts of our brain to assess characters, a successful mascot can evoke a more emotional response than a traditional logotype.

  2. Using Color Psychology to Create an Effective Price Table

    Whenever we start any new design project, we’ll usually sit down with the client and discuss all the relevant project details with the client. If you’re lucky, your client will have a relatively clear idea of what they want to achieve and perhaps even the functions and features they want for the site. However clients […]

  3. Clean and Effective Contact Page Mockup Design

    Whenever we design a website, we focus on all the major aspects like the home page, navigation, the footer, and so on. We go through all the details to make sure everything looks perfect. We spend a lot of time planning, designing, and tweaking the site, yet when it comes to the contact page, we […]

  4. Create a “Lomographic” Photography Effect in Photoshop

    The “Lomography” photo effect is a popular contrarian photographic style characterized by oversaturated colors, distortions, unexpected prismatic effects, and several other qualities that are usually avoided or corrected by traditional photographers. Those who enjoy and seek these unusual effects appreciate lomography’s stylized surrealism. The effect is inspired by photographs taken from an inexpensive Russian camera […]

  5. Create a Clean Cubist Logo in Photoshop

    Think about your favorite famous brand. The first thing that comes to mind is the logo. Logos play the most important part in establishing a memorable brand, but it’s a tough task to condense all of the admirable aspects of an organization into a single simple symbol. Ask any designer or brand manager, and they’ll […]

  6. Create a Sleek Book App Icon in Illustrator

    Mobile devices have risen to peak popularity, and they’ve proven themselves to be more than a fleeting fad. While they’re not ideal or universally accepted for media creation, media consumption is where they truly excel. The demand for mobile devices and accompanying media consumption software has created stiff competition among designers. Most are focusing on […]

  7. Give Your Ordinary Imagery a Stylized Comic Book Look

    The most effective designs are those that tell a story. Storytelling resonates with customers of all kinds, and contextualizing their needs or your (client’s) products and services into such a narrative is a proven, effective strategy. Everyone likes to consider themselves the hero of their own story, which makes dramatizing ordinary imagery with stylized comic […]

  8. Create a Stitched Badge in Illustrator

    Badges play a vital role when it comes to validating a brand, a company, or a credential. But, it should be done tactfully, as garnering credibility doesn’t come from ostentatious displays, which can often have the opposite of the intended effect. Badge design should be subtle but creative, distinct, and visually appealing to foster the […]

  9. Design a Roll-up Banner Stand in Photoshop

    For many web and digital designs, the designer’s intent is to make the viewer feel like they’re visiting in person. Not every interested customer can physically visit your storefront, conference, event, or sale, so it’s important to invite them and accommodate them online. One way to achieve this is to allude to items they might […]

  10. Create a Futuristic 404 Page in Photoshop

    We spend a lot of time designing the home page, planning an easy navigation, and going through all the bits and pieces we think are important. But, one page that’s often neglected (or entirely forgotten) in the designing process is the 404 page, sometimes referred to as the “page not found” error page. According to […]