WooCommerce vs Wix: Which Is Best for Your Next Online Store

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WooCommerce vs Wix: Which Is Best for Your Next Online Store

WooCommerce is an ecommerce plugin for WordPress, and Wix is a website builder that comes with optional ecommerce features. In this article, we’ll compare the ecommerce features offered by WooCommerce and Wix so that you can easily decide which is the best option for you.

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Customization and Flexibility

For developers, a flexible and easy-to-customize platform is a big bonus. With WooCommerce, you have complete control over how your online store appears and functions. You can modify the appearance of your website by using different themes or create you own, unique layout.

  • Easy to integrate. Because it’s built on WordPress, WooCommerce works seamlessly with it. Using WordPress’s rich capabilities, you can quickly run your online business.
  • Extensive plugin and theme options. WordPress offers an extensive range of plugins and themes to help you boost your WooCommerce store. Whether you need extra payment methods, marketing tools, or customization, the WordPress ecosystem has it all.

Wix makes it simple to create a beautiful website for developers and non-developers alike. Its easy-to-use website builder and all-in-one platform offer comprehensive features for quick website construction.

  • Intuitive interface. A user-friendly website builder like Wix makes it easy to create a website. It has simple features and tools, with drag-and-drop layout creation, so you can make a professional site without knowing how to code.
  • Time-saving. You can easily make adjustments, update content, and add new features to your website using a user-friendly platform like Wix without wasting time learning out technical skills.
  • Accessible for everyone. Individuals with less technical experience can create websites with the help of a user-friendly website builder. It enables anyone, regardless of ability level, to develop a website that meets their requirements.
  • Mobile optimization. Wix makes it simple to develop a mobile-friendly website. You can ensure that your website appears excellent on all devices by using a vast range of templates and responsive designs.

WooCommerce is the clear winner in terms of flexibility and customization, but you’ll want to be able to dig into the technical side of things to get everything just right. Wix offers fewer options, but a lot of convenience in terms of using the features it does offer.

Scalability and Growth

WordPress and WooCommerce allow you to easily expand your online store. To adapt to your growing consumer base, you can easily add items, implement new features, and improve business performance. There’s really no limit to how much you can extend and grow your store.

Wix is not so flexible in this regard. You’re pretty much limited to what the Wix platform offers. This is fine if your needs are fairly simple and not likely to grow significantly over time. But it’s best to think ahead and envisage what you might need in future before committing yourself to Wix, as it will be a problem down the track if Wix doesn’t have the functionality you need.

Plugin and Theme Options

WooCommerce has thousands of plugins that enable you to add a wide array of functionality to your website, such as payment gateways, shipping methods, and product variations. WooCommerce also offers a variety of themes, allowing a business to construct a visually appealing and distinctive online store. You can select from free or premium themes and further customize them to meet your branding and design needs.

Wix offers a lot of themes, and there is some scope for modifying a theme to suit your needs or to create your own. While Wix doesn’t have as wide a range of themes and plugins, it makes up for this by ease of use in terms of integrating what is on offer.

Pricing and Cost

WooCommerce Wix
Initial Setup Free (WordPress and WooCommerce are open source) Free to start, but requires a premium plan for ecommerce functionality
Transaction Fees No additional transaction fees Depends on the payment gateway you choose
Hosting No additional transaction fees Depends on the payment gateway you choose. Various pricing plans ranging from $13 to $39 per month
Add-ons Many free and paid plugins/themes available Includes many features and add-ons in premium plans
Customization Can be more cost-effective for advanced customization needs Easy drag-and-drop design with a wide range of templates

WooCommerce is free to use, but web hosting and some additional plugins aren’t. Wix offers many plans that include hosting and other important capabilities, but you must pay for them. If you already have a WordPress site, WooCommerce is the obvious choice, and there will be no additional costs. Overall, WooCommerce is a clear winner in terms of price — unless you have to pay a developer to build and customize a WordPress site for you!

SEO and Marketing Tools

  • SEO tools. Both WooCommerce and Wix offer SEO plugins such as Yoast SEO and All in One SEO Pack. These plugins help in increasing the visibility of your website in search engines. They boost your site’s rank and attract more people without the use of paid advertisements.
  • Marketing features. You may market your products using WooCommerce and Wix using various techniques such as discount codes, email marketing, and social media links. These tools help you sell more, interact with clients, and grow your business.
  • Analytics and reporting. Both WooCommerce and Wix include features to help you keep track of important metrics such as sales, earnings, and customer actions. This data informs your marketing decisions and identifies areas for improvement.

On this front, it’s probably a draw. Both WooCommerce and Wix have good resources in this regard.


Choosing between WooCommerce and Wix depends on your business priorities.

If you value control, customization, and scalability, WooCommerce is ideal. It offers extensive customization options and integrates well with WordPress plugins. It also offers unlimited opportunities for growth, as long as you’ve got the chops to code up what you need. It’s best suited for developers.

If you prefer user-friendly simplicity and convenience, Wix is an intuitive website builder with robust ecommerce features. It’s not as powerful as WooCommerce, and can’t expand quite like WooCommerce can, but if your needs are relatively simple and aren’t likely to expand too far over time, Wix is a very attractive option. It’s easy to use and combines everything in one platform. You can create your website easily without technical skills. Use drag-and-drop sections with Wix to design your site. Wix also guarantees your site will look responsive.

If you want something easy and relatively simple, Wix is a good choice. But if you have specific needs and want more control, WooCommerce with WordPress might be the better choice.

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