Windows 7 Pre-Orders Sell Out on Day 1

By Craig Buckler
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Windows 7 boxesPre-orders for Windows 7, Microsoft’s latest incarnation of the leading operating system, have sold out on day one.

The company is permitting customers to pre-order the product prior to its release on 22 October. Significant discounts are available in most countries. For example, UK customers ordering between 15 July and 9 August will receive the full European version at a 50% discount (note that it requires a clean install, won’t upgrade from XP or Vista, and comes without Internet Explorer).

Windows ‘stocks’ are limited and they have been flying off the shelf. Most retailers sold out within the first 8 hours of trade. Amazon’s recorded sales for Windows 7 have already exceeded the entire 17 week pre-order sales for Windows Vista.

The Windows 7 betas and release candidates have received positive press. The OS is stable, fast, and fixes many of the issues introduced in Vista. Thankfully, Microsoft has also simplified the editions:

  • Home Premium is the version most people will choose. It has the standard components, utilities, and media facilities. Web developers should also note that it includes the IIS web server.
  • Professional includes everything in the Home edition plus Windows XP Mode, better corporate networking, and backup facilities.
  • Ultimate includes everything in the Professional edition plus data encryption and instant language switching.

XP Mode is an optional download for Professional and Ultimate users. It is a fully licensed copy of Windows XP SP3 running in Microsoft’s Virtual PC emulator. However, new integration facilities allow XP applications to run as if they were part of the Windows 7 system. The main advantage to web developers is that you will be able to load real copies of IE6, IE7 and IE8 alongside each other. 0DAY

Yes, even I’ve ordered Windows 7. This is the first time I’ve been compelled to buy a shrink-wrapped copy of Windows (other than buying it indirectly via a PC purchase). XP Mode was a factor in that decision. The pre-order price also helped. But perhaps my primary motivation was to simply to replace Vista: I’ve had enough of slow booting and daily crashes!

However, it’s not all good news for Microsoft. In a recent survey of 1,100 IT administrators, 60% stated that their company had no immediate plan to switch to Windows 7.

Will you buy Windows 7? Will the OS be a success for Microsoft?

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We teamed up with SiteGround
To bring you the latest from the web and tried-and-true hosting, recommended for designers and developers. SitePoint Readers Get Up To 65% OFF Now
  • Kanta

    In fact I pre ordered my own copy too! I observed nice performance compared with Vista, almost competing with XP… or even more!

    Good direction for MS


  • Liam

    I also pre-ordered, first windows OS I’ve ever bought as I really do think they have done a good job this time round. And with a saving of £130 who wouldn’t think that’s a good deal?

  • I’ve been using the RC as my main OS for a while now and I’ve also preordered it yesterday.

  • I’ve pre-ordered the professional version, been using the Beta and RC as my main OS (only OS since RC on both my desktop and laptop).

    Personally, I don’t think there is anything wrong with Vista (use it every day at work, and was on my laptop before I installed the W7 RC), but W7 is better again.

    It is also the first time I’ve bought a copy of windows outside of buying it with a new PC.

  • Anonymous

    only xp

  • What do they mean ‘sold out’ anyway? I thought pre-ordering was available until some time in August regardless of number sold – does this mean people can’t get it cheaper now or what?

  • amdowney

    I think just the Microsoft website direct has sold out. Other resellers seem to bstill have stock!

  • Microsoft allowed vendors to sell a limited number of pre-order copies. Most of the big online shops have sold out. Amazon UK was selling Pro for £90, but they now have it at the full £180 price.

    Apparently, MS might issue further ‘stock’, but there are no guarantees. If you intend buying it, I would not wait. In the UK, Currys and PC World still have cheap copies available – and they won’t take payment until October.

  • Amazon have upped the prices on the pre order verisons, the discounts are nothing like they were yesterday.

  • Craig: The full price of Pro is 219.99, not 180. There is still a discount, just not as much.

  • @StormRider
    You’re right – it might be the 9 August price. It’ll go up again once it’s released in October.

  • amdowney

    I have just ordered a copy of Home for £44.99 and Pro for £89.99 from Dixons.

    May not need them both but could always make my money back! Could buy a few!

  • This is my first time actually buying a Microsoft Operating System. After using Windows 7 RC’s I can actually say I can’t wait for it to be released. It’s so much better than Vista and I’m pretty sure we’re just going to label Windows Vista as the new Windows ME :P

  • DonInMA

    Ok, so I have Vista Home Premium on a new machine from Dell, XP Pro on an older machine, and testing Windows 7 on an older laptop. I don’t want upgrade versions of Windows 7, I want the full version, I haven’t really seen any mention of that. Is there discount pricing for ordering a full version now?


  • “Professional / Ultimate includes Windows XP Mode”
    Does this mean that if I buy the Home Premium Edition that I won’t be able to run Virtual PC anymore ?

    I have licensed copy of WinXP that I run in Virtual PC now on my Vista Home premium laptop.

    Do I really have to buy the Win7Pro version to continue to be able to do this ?

  • @dmj1973
    Home Premium will still run Virtual PC. There is a new version and I suspect it’ll run fine too. If not, you can always try VirtualBox or VMware server.

    However, only Pro/Ultimate users have XP Mode — which is a version of Virtual PC with a fully-licensed copy of XP. The other advantage is seamless integration; you can define a shortcut to IE6 and it’ll appear to run on the host Windows 7 desktop (not in a Virtual PC window). It will also save files to the host. That will save me hours of VM booting!

  • As far as I can see from The Windows Virtual PC FAQ, a Windows XP license is not included, so to run XP Mode, you still need a Windows XP license prior to buying Windows 7. So dmj1973, congratulations. You’ll surely be able to run XP mode if you get Professional or Ultimate.

    As for whether you must… no. But you’ll use it as you’ve been using it up until now. You won’t get the “seamless” parts of it (USB device support, shared clipboard, etc.). If you need them, as suggested, there are VMWare and VirtualBox.

  • Thanks for the response’s guys. I appreciate the clarification.
    @Boen Robot: If you read the win7 faq it does reads:

    Does Windows XP come with Windows Virtual PC?
    No. Windows XP Mode, a single virtual copy of Windows XP SP3, is available for download free of charge from for PCs running Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Ultimate and Windows 7 Enterprise.

    So by my interpretation you actually get one “free” license for the new Win7VPC.

    Thanks again

  • @dmj1973
    Err… I suppose the answer to this FAQ is a little ambiguous. I mean, in my interpretation, the first “No.” says it all. What the rest says is that you get “Windows XP” (the application; the binary if you will) for free, but (as the “No.” should mean) not the license.

    I really wish I had a PC to spare on which I could run Win7 and for that PC to support hardware virtualization. I could test that right now if I had that. Right now, I’m only using Win7 on a virtual PC on a Vista host.

  • “Err… I suppose the answer to this FAQ is a little ambiguous. I mean, in my interpretation, the first “No.” says it all. What the rest says is that you get “Windows XP” (the application; the binary if you will) for free, but (as the “No.” should mean) not the license.”

    I think it’s the other way around. The “No” simply means that Windows XP doesn’t come already installed for you or as an included binary that you can install yourself. But you can download and run a single copy in XP Mode without paying for another license if you have Windows 7 Pro, Ultimate or Enterprise.

    What’s odd to me is that it appears Virtual PC is now only available for Windows 7, unless I’m missing something. I’m currently running it on Vista on my work PC but I guess that won’t be supported going forward.

  • Guess I should have looked around for a few more seconds. They still offer Virtual PC 2007 but it’s buried in the Support section.

  • “XP Mode” is just an integration method of the new Virtual PC. The only thing Professional/Ultimate comes with is a license for Windows XP. Home Premium you have to get your own license.

    The integration mode will work with XP, Vista, and 7 thought the new Virtual PC.

  • @DonInMA – This IS the full version, not the upgrade version.

  • Biju

    Its a great deal, i will go for windows only.