What is the way to set your Web Design/Development firm apart?

Andrew Neitlich
Andrew Neitlich

The last blog was about a butler service that found a way to set itself apart in a crowded field. The company does this by positioning itself as “butlers” instead of “maids” — recognizing that, in the US at least, the term butler has a more upscale and desirable connotation (anyone can have a maid these days, but almost no one has a butler). And then the company backs that positioning strategy up with some important differences, including better presentation, a “portfolio” of clients, a personal meeting and consultation by the owner, cleaning techniques that focus on the details, and a more thorough and comprehensive solution.

It’s important to recognize that this is a common strategy to set a company apart: In web design as well, there are lots of generic “maid services,” but very few “butler” services. If you think about it for a little bit, I’ll bet you can figure out ways to position your firm in a way that changes the playing field and makes other web firms seem generic and incomplete….Just remember to back up your statements with substance.

Here is another way to set yourself apart, this time based on a successful seafood restaurant chain here in my part of the world:

This particular restaurant chain has a BIG problem: None of their locations are on the water. Meanwhile, almost every other seafood restaurant in the area has a spectacular water location and view. How can they even begin to compete in a crowded tourist market? What would you do if you were in their position?

Answer next blog (unless one of you comes up with the correct positioning strategy with a post), along with a proven methodology for positioning any business successfully……